10 Tips for Cycling

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A cycling is a great relaxing event. It is one of the best vacations that you can take as you care for your own transportation. There are a few important things you should look at the different holidays can be a disappointment. Pack, preparation and procurement, are important issues that must be considered. To the bike you take too much with not a gram. You have to drag it all yourself. Therefore it is good to take into ke others some experience tips.


  • Preparation
  • 1. Personal load
  • 2. Preparation
  • 3. Buy smart in
  • 4. Backup Material
  • 5. Share
  • 7. Be flexible
  • 8. Physical training
  • 9. Eat lots and healthy
  • 10. Good map reading


All holidays must be well prepared but cycling requires extra preparation. Especially the weight of the luggage is an issue. Experienced cyclists will take less and less things because of them appeared during other trips that some luggage had been unnecessary.

1. Personal load

Do not take too much. Ensure that each redundant item stays at home. It seems like a simple rule, but some people take three jeans and three thick books with Stephen King. Do not! All you have to lift yourself. If the book is out you should keep it around bikes. Moreover, you can not read and cycle time. During a cycling do you choose to cycle; The books remain at home. Optionally, you can sometimes buy a magazine or newspaper to read on the go. Three jeans are too much. One is enough. They can not do that all at once. Laundry is not intended to cycle around it. Laundry were you immediately so you have clean clothes available again.

2. Preparation

Make sure you know well your bike so you can quickly perform small repairs. During a cycling holiday you will certainly get a flat tire. Make sure you can stick to 10 minutes so as not to frustrate the further course of the holiday.

3. Buy smart in

Do not buy more food in store than you can in one day. Not only can spoil the food otherwise; but the weight is the most important. Each kilogram of us that you can save on the total weight increases the holiday fun. A spice carousel that are several herbs is very useful during a cycling holiday.

4. Backup Material

Take a few essential spare parts along the bike such as an extra brake. Prepare you for that mechanical problems after closing hours of the bike shop may occur on Sundays and in the middle of nowhere. Always carry a puncture repair kit.

5. Share

The two of you always have relatively less weight because you have to share the tent and cooking equipment. Maybe you even more parts such as shampoo bottles, toothpaste, sunscreen and other cosmetics articles. It can quickly save a half a kilo of shower products.
Laundry drying
A wet towel seems difficult to transport. In a plastic bag will smell foul. Hang therefore while cycling on your bicycle. So the towel is dry after an hour. This includes freshly washed clothes. Additionally, it is smart to never dirty laundry carried. Make everything equally clean and hang out. Take an extra long shaving line with the clothesline. This guy rope can be used in bad weather and storm line.

7. Be flexible

Plan your cycling holiday in advance. You have to deal with the weather and sometimes do not want to cycle through the rain. On the bike you can see the rain coming. You need to recognize them first. Then you can decide to go in another direction. During hot days you may prefer to cool in a forest cycle than in a sweltering town or an open meadow. There are very many campsites in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium. In some countries like in England you can freely camp but then you have to ask the farmer. Incidentally, free camping that you do not have a shower at your disposal.

8. Physical training

Train yourself with bikes before you leave. First go at weekends 20 kilometers of cycling and expands slowly to 40 kilometers. So you get better muscles, but that's not all. If you barely bikes are switching to a daily cycle, you get really bothered by sore. By training you prevent.

9. Eat lots and healthy

One of the major advantages of cycling is your sport, a lot of energy burned and thus much and can good food. So make sure you have enough food. It's quite an art to cook on a éénpittertje. It is my advice to enjoy a good meal often in a good restaurant. This increases the holiday joy. You can also choose to eat hot twice a day. You can choose from the pan afternoon to make a simple meal of pasta with mushrooms and cream sauce. And in the evening eating out. When you boil potatoes during the holidays peel them into small pieces so they will cook sooner. If you cook rice, you can cook the last minute put the pan next to the fire and fry the vegetables. In the time that the vegetable is cooked, the rice is cooked and you can pour it. This also applies to pasta. Also you can go for al dente pasta and vegetables. That saves cooking time and is healthier.

10. Good map reading

Read the map or GPS good. A map is an indispensable tool. Do not rely on signposts in the Netherlands because they steer cyclists regularly in the wrong direction. Take responsibility and determine the way you ride. It's not fun to ride wrong with heavy luggage.
Have fun on the cycling!