1500 meter men OCT 2013: Draw, participants and favorites

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From February 7 to February 23, 2014 will be held in Russia's Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Many Dutch skating toppers dreams of participating in these games. However, the Dutch Federation allowed per distance up to three or four skaters delegate to the Winter Games in Sochi. Therefore there from December 26, 2013 to December 30 2013 qualifying matches held during the so-called Olympic Qualifier. The 1500 meter men stands for Monday, December 30th at the program. The big favorite at this distance Koen Verweij. Besides Koen Verweij is also the reigning Olympic champion in the 1500 meters, Mark Tuitert, trying to earn a starting place. If Mark Tuitert has earned a starting place, Mark Tuitert can defend his Olympic title.

Heerenveen, instead of the qualifying tournament OCT

The 1,500 meter speed skating for men

The 1,500 meter speed skating for men was for years a skating distance at which the Dutch men have performed well. The Dutch men achieved during the World by distance, being held since 1996, often success in the 1500 meters. The operations of this tournament are so good that the Netherlands captain of the medal standings. Netherlands is captain of the medal standings drawn over this distance. The second country in the medal standings is Norway.
Mark TuitertOok in skating history of the Olympics managed the Netherlands in the 1500 meters for men, no less than to win twelve medals. Twice Netherlands managed to win the gold. In 1968 this honor was reserved for Kees Verkerk. Thirty-two years later did Mark Tuitert, during the Olympic Games in Vancouver, friend to skate and skate enemy surprised by the demand for gold himself.
However, during the skating season 2012 - 2013 and for the season of the skating season 2013 - 2014, the Dutch men do not do much of himself to speak. The level on skates mile seems so to have dropped the Dutch Federation expects that the Dutch men, during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, at this distance are the least likely to win Olympic medals. The so-called performance matrix, prepared by the Dutch Federation, take the 1500 meters the 6th, 14th, 17th and 18th place. This performance matrix is ​​used when the end of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament more than ten men claim seem to make an Olympic starting place. The performance matrix can be used in emergencies or when the Dutch Federation to strengthen the team pursuit wants to use aanwijsplekken.
It will create only the number one in the 1500 meters at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament equivalent sure of his participation in the Olympic Games. Number two should certainly hope to participate, but for three and number four seems to be going very difficult to qualify. It is certainly difficult when they are not placed at a different distance.

Favorites for the show start on the 1500 meter

Koen Verweij and Kjeld Nuis are, at the 1500 meters for men, revealed in the Olympic season for the Dutch hope in dark days. Koen Verweij drove a national record and won the four World Cups, which have already been held in the 2013 season ?? 2014 podium. During the World Cup in Calgary knew Koen Verweij even earnings for claim on. Kjeld Nuis chose not to participate in all World Cups. As a result Kjeld Nuis time could free up an additional training camp. An additional training camp in preparation for the Olympic Qualifying tournament. Kjeld Nuis did take part in the World Cups of Calgary and Salt Lake City and graduated in Calgary at the 1500 meter third. While NK distances, which was held in October 2013, Koen Verweij and Kjeld Nuis were one and two respectively.
Chances also are that Koen Verweij and Kjeld Nuis the fight, during the Olympic Qualifying Tournament for first place in the 1500 meters to go fight.

Raffle 1500 meter Olympic Qualifier

Result 1500 meter Olympic Qualifier