17 years of driving - the begeleiderspas / 2toDrive

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Now the test with the guided drive, or 2toDrive for 17 year olds was launched, it is time for the next step: the rules concerning the application for the begeleiderspas. Where the supervisor should meet in the car? How do you ask the begeleiderspas? What is required of the coach or supervisor / expected? In the overview you'll find answers to many questions regarding the supervised driving. The display is based on the publication of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment

The aim of the experiment of supervised driving or 2toDrive

The objective of the experiment is to assess the potential positive contribution of supervised driving to the safety of young, novice drivers. The expectation is that young people from the moment of entry have reached the age of 17, after taking lessons and gaining the necessary exams to participate, an average of nine months under the guidance of a coach in traffic.
Look for the motivation that led to the introduction of the begeleiderspas / coaches in 17 years and driving - Why a begeleiderspas?

First of all, even as the 'facts' for 17 years around the car driving license

  • the six-year probation applies only to persons who on or after November 1, 2011 17 year / be
  • The theory holds certificate remains valid for 1.5 years
  • the driving license ?? until reaching the 18th Annual valid only in the Netherlands. The test applies in principle six years
  • during the period of supervised driving, the 17-year-old driver and legally responsible for the behavior in traffic
  • the driving license that you obtain on your 17th is a definitive license and do not have to be exchanged. The license is valid for 10 years, just as is currently the case
  • you have obtained the drivers license, you automatically have the license AM

The 17-year-old novice driver must comply with

  • passed the theory exam for the license category B
  • have passed the practical test for driving motor vehicles of category B driving license
  • the applicant must be issued a begeleiderspas
  • if you as a driver hits the road, you always need both your driving license if you have begeleiderspas with you and be able to show on request

When you can apply begeleiderspas

  • the latest from the age of 17 years and six months in Begeleiderspas 2toDrive
  • z ?? s earliest six months before reaching the 17th year

Issue of begeleiderspas ?? your driving license

  • RDW verifies whether all conditions are met. If that's the case, you get the only home address within ten working days. If you or your coach does not fulfill the conditions will receive both you and your coach about that apart from one another letter.
  • Once you have passed your driving test, you ask at your own municipality. If you apply for a driver's license at the age of 17, but there is no begeleiderspas yet registered, then the license can not be issued. So make sure you apply for your begeleiderspas Time

What may not be until you're eighteen

  • no drive a motor vehicle without a previously specified supervisor / coach
  • if you as a driver that it is under the influence of any substance that its use ?? whether or not in combination with the use of another substance ?? driving can reduce that he is not to be considered properly supervise capable.

If you suspect that you are driving a motor vehicle without a person sitting next to you or without a supervisor named in the begeleiderspas, are you obliged to overgifte of the license issued one of the begeleiderspas
The CBR may the license for category B invalid.

To whom is the begeleiderspas issued

The begeleiderspas issued to a counselor or coach:
  • at least 5 years in possession of a driving license B
  • The coach must be at least 27 years old and must have no convictions for traffic violations in the past
  • he or she may have had no alcohol or conduct training courses in the past ??
  • in the past have not had any studies on the ability to drive or fitness to drive
  • should not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication during counseling
  • The coach must be able to show a valid driver's license

Exception: a coach needs a WRM-only then it is not a license for at least five years in succession to have or to be 27 years old.

The begeleiderspas must

  • meet the requirements established by ministerial order on organization, implementation and interpretation,
  • have not lost its validity
  • To properly legible

When the RDW gives a new pass off:

  • a change in the personal details of the holder or supervisor
  • if the holder gives up a new supervisor
  • in case the earlier begeleiderspas worn or wholly or partly illegible
  • when the previously issued begeleiderspas was lost, or is extinguished

When begeleiderspas cease to be valid:

  • by issuing a new begeleiderspas
  • by the unauthorized making changes therein
  • by changing the family name, first name, place or date of birth or sex of one of the persons listed thereon
  • on the day when the holder reaches the age of eighteen years

If the leaders becomes invalid:

  • if the begeleiderspas issued on the basis of incorrect information provided by the applicant and he would not be issued if the inaccuracy of such information would have been known at the time of application
  • and after the issue of the begeleiderspas that he is apparently mistakenly issued to the holder