2014 map of jellyfish in France

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2014 map of jellyfish in France

This summer, the jellyfish are already present on the beaches of France. Locate them before swimming through our card.

In recent years, the proliferation of jellyfish is becoming more common in the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast.

How does the jellyfish stings?

Jellyfish do not pursue their prey: they are passive. However, they paralyze their victims and can cause drowning in case of complications. In a split second, the sting sends a paralyzing toxin.

The jellyfish has venomous cells have receptors that capture the chemical messages emitted by the skin. The chemical message arrives at the cell receptors that pressure rises and causes the expulsion of the sting. It penetrates deep into the skin injecting venom.

This phenomenon is repeated as many times as there are stinging cells in contact with your skin. There are hundreds of thousands of these cells in a filament jellyfish.

How to react after a jellyfish sting?

A jellyfish sting is always followed by intense pain, like a burn or electric shock.
  • First, out of the water and sit down.
  • Make sure no pieces of tentacle only stayed glued to your skin.
  • If this is the case, remove it with pliers or other objects at your disposal. Please do not touch them with your bare hands because you may get bitten again. Indeed, the jellyfish has venomous spines, even on small parts of tentacles.
  • Then rinse with salt water or saline, especially not soft water because it would shatter venomous cells and aggravate the pain.
  • Once rinsed bites, cover the sand and let it dry for thirty minutes.
  • Finally, gently scrape to the latest stinging particles from the sand.
  • Observation of jellyfish in France

    Currently there are no systematic observation of jellyfish appearances network. This information is nevertheless fundamental for swimmers, local authorities, scientists and stakeholders in the marine industry.

    Participate you too to this operation and report the presence of jellyfish on the Atlantic Coast and the Mediterranean.

    The data collected are presented here daily, and include the latest observations indicated.

    Weather jellyfish in real time: August 21, 2014


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