24/7 fat burning

Health Limbo55 August 8, 2016 0 0
Losing weight is accomplished by adjusting your diet and increasing your physical activity. In this article I will tell you all the secrets and tricks which you are working 24/7 to burn fat even when you are sitting on the bench.

Two ingredients

The best and most effective way to achieve a slimmer and healthier body is especially by optimizing your diet and physical activity to lift to a higher level, so you will burn calories. In this article I will give you some suggestions to help you optimize your diet and how to make sure that you move through your body changes in optimum working, fat-burning machine.


Whenever your body gets food, join a whole series of processes necessary to digest the food and make sure that all the nutrients end up in the right place. So your metabolism gets to work the signal, therefore breakfast is also one of the main meals in a healthy lifestyle. After a whole night in idle status will get your body right after breakfast the signal that needs to be worked on.
This is the key to healthy weight loss! Divide therefore all the calories that day in five to seven smaller meals instead of three large ones. Firstly, your body takes only a certain number calotieen simultaneously and the rest is stored in our fat reserves. So if you multiple small meals using you save two birds with one stone!
  • Nutrients are better absorbed
  • No excess / less calories
  • Blood sugar remains stable
  • Metabolism working throughout the day and not just three times a day

Lower resting heart rate

To burn fat you need to exercise, your metabolism flying up when you're hitting your body and your heart rate going high. Therefore, many people go running, cycling, etc. Many so-called experts recommend this kind of sports as well, and they talk about the fat burning zone, this is a sport with a certain heart rate and this definitely works! What the experts does not tell you is that the verterbranding stops when you stop exercising. An hour jog state for about half an hour fat burning so long as you do not three times a week have a full day running, this is a pretty stupid way to burn fat. Fortunately, you're a regular reader of my articles, so now you go secretly to learn how you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will burn more fat with 3 x weekly 20-minute sports.
The point is that your resting heart rate is lower than it is now. Gemmiddeld is your rusthartlag about 70 beats per minute, we're going to make sure that it goes down. This way you increase your fitness and therefore jevetverbrandin. The way to achieve this is through sports such as boxing, kick & fun, spinning and all forms of interval training. Sports so that really something you need and where you build up with your fitness and it goes faster as you think. Interval training means is that you exercise during half an hour, for example, running constantly alternating between walking at a leisurely pace and run at sprint speed. Low and high heart rate so.
A healthy diet and three times a week interval training or sport as spinning, boxing, kick & fun are the only two habits that are worth investing in if you want a lean body!