3 good reasons to get to stand-up paddle

Miscellaneous Jyrnas December 8, 2016 0 50
3 good reasons to get to stand-up paddle

Convenient, accessible, easy to learn and great for the body, paddle surfing has it all.

You can call it SUP, stand-up paddle, paddle board or ... whatever the name, this discipline is growing in popularity since the 1990s sports that have adopted the view that it brings many benefits. They are excellent reasons to get hooked:

To ease

The stand-up paddle is not reserved for fans of surfing. His practice is easy and use diversified. One can enjoy this great board to reach inaccessible places, get rapid river, traverse great distances, ride the waves, doing sprints, fish, relax ... Everything is accessible, regardless of your level. Consult a professional to choose your equipment. The purpose of the practice, the type of water body, budget, your height and weight are part of the criteria required to fit you best.

To stimulate his body

This complete sport can work balance, cardio and muscle. It tones the body while burning up calories. Maintain good posture on a board moving under his feet stimulates the back, joints and abdominals, buttocks, arms and legs. Once you are comfortable, you can shape the sports sessions as desired working speed or balance. Some devotees go up practicing yoga on the board! And animal lovers embark their dog up front for it benefits the most of all sensations.

To enjoy the sea

After the effort, the reward. Lie down or sit on your paddle and enjoy the movement of waves, the sea breeze and blue skies. Physical activity at sea contributes to improving the general tone of the body. Suitable equipment that guarantees your safety will allow you maximum relaxation. This sport can even become the new addiction of your whole family and your friends.