5 fun ways to eat vegetables

Nutrition erwinman December 8, 2016 0 66
5 fun ways to eat vegetables

It is well known, the majority of children are more likely to eat a plate of pasta or fries as broccoli or green beans. However, vegetables are important to maintain the smaller shape. Discover 5 tips to make them want to eat.

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  •  Vegetable skewers
  •  Drawing with vegetables
  •  Smoothie vegetables
  •  Vegetable sticks
  •  Spaghetti vegetables

Vegetable skewers

This technique also works well for the vegetables for fruit. If most children are given a grim front of a bowl of vegetables steamed, they are few to withstand a good kebab. In summer you can even cook in the barbecue with a few pieces of meat to better camouflage the whole.

Drawing with vegetables

A course tips to eat vegetables to your children? Develop your artistic side in fashioning drawings plates. You can, for example, restore marine algae with some peas and corn, or create an Amazonian forest with broccoli.

Smoothie vegetables

The smoothie can be a good way to swallow vegetables to your child without even noticing. For a successful recipe, go for sweet vegetables, such as carrots or beets. You can also add softer foods like cucumber and broccoli.

Vegetable sticks

To do like vegetables to your children, offer them sticks of raw vegetables soaked in small sauces. For example you can cut some carrots, cucumbers, peppers or celery and serve with small cuts dressing, mayonnaise, tzatziki or hummus. Be careful though not to abuse these sauces, rich enough in fat.

Spaghetti vegetables

Another solution may be to cook some vegetables in the shape of spaghetti. Using a peeler, cut thin slices of zucchini and sauté in a pan with a little garlic, pesto, cherry tomatoes and chicken breast fillet. Your children should enjoy and you too.