5 good reasons to go to work by bike

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5 good reasons to go to work by bike

Take your bike to go to work? Governments are in favor: the introduction of a mileage allowance for transport from home to work by bike trips has also been successfully tested in eighteen companies.

More and more people use their bikes daily to get to work. A fast means of transport, without traffic jams, non-polluting, and is good for health.

This is good for the heart

Cycling is an endurance sport that contributes to cardiovascular health.

Some studies ten kilometers of cycling per day halved the risk of heart attack.

It's good for the legs

The pedaling motion makes the muscles, including legs, more toned, and improves blood circulation.

This is good for msucles

There are not working the legs when riding a bicycle: virtually the entire body is stressed, arms, back, abdominals ...

It's good for the back

Cycling is a sports focused, that is to say that the person does not carry its weight, as opposed to jogging, for example: it is entirely appropriate for people who are frail back. It is advisable to keep straight.

It's good for the line

Cycling is an effective activity to lose weight, it increases our basal metabolism and is recognized as a calorie burner.

However, in case of pollution peak, it is not especially pedal, and public transportation is used.

Poru those who practice cycling in the city, do not forget that some situations commonly encountered by cyclists are dangerous.

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