5 tips for a logo design

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Want to design a logo? Then use this handy five recommendations, which will provide a logo that you can put in the years best.

A logo ensures recognition among your customers, a professional look and above all a good first impression. Use the 5 tips for a logo design to convert an excellent first step.

Limit the number of fonts

Limits the number of fonts in a logo design. It may seem tempting to introduce various aspects in the logo, but it will make for a messy character. Use 1-2 typefaces, leaving enough cohesion within the design life. This also provides more clarity in the design.

Consider temporary trends

Try to stay away as much as possible trends. Trends are by definition temporary and thus ensure that your logo after a year or longer 'outdated' is eyes. The logo will today might look beautiful and fit in with the current trends, but soon ask for an update. Instead, choose a more timeless design. This ensures that the logo there next year remains good look, so you can use it longer.

Keep in mind the background
 Lets you design a logo? Then hold well into account the influence of the background on this. Do you have your own website on a green background and the colors thus good? Try the logo, once combined with a white or black background. Chances are that there is such a combination, such as when you are doing on sponsorship and you can send us your logo. The logo with the backgrounds also still so beautiful? Think ahead when designing your logo and avoid ugly mistakes by trying out multiple backgrounds.

Ask for the vector files
 Question when designing a logo in any case always to the vector files. A good logo designer will provide this automatically, but it is not always clear to everyone that this is important. The vector files of your logo make sure that you are holding a scalable one. Want to print your logo in high resolution, or make proper use of a small size? You can do this by using the vector files.

Minimize text

Let finally design a logo with preferably as little as possible text. A logo will provide within a fraction of a second for the first impression, or should provide for immediate recognition. Your audience does not have the time and motivation to read a full sentence, let alone understand it and understand. Use up some words in the logo.

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