6 eating habits that will change your life

Nutrition KratosistheGodofWar August 8, 2016 0 1
6 eating habits that will change your life

Gone is the sense of guilt at every meal, it is time to adopt good habits to please the palate and do good to his body.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by advice on how we should feed ourselves. But there are some general rules to follow that can actually make a difference and help us eat a more balanced way.

No strict diet

Eat everything you love but in reasonable amounts, when one does not suffer from weight problems or obesity, is the key to a healthy diet. In most cases, when a diet deprives us of any source of pleasure, we tend to crack suddenly and stock up on sweets or fats.

plan ahead

You know that want to order everything on the menu when hungry? The secret is to think about the next meal we expected. If there is meat and potatoes for dinner, it will be easier to order fish or a big salad at lunch. Or, conversely, have fun if we know that the dinner will be lighter.

Drop the calories

Instead of getting lost in endless calculations, it is better to focus on the origin of foods and their nutritional value. A balanced meal rich in good products will allow you to limit snacking keeping your sugar levels stable, regardless of the number of calories.

Pleasant change

Eating the recommended dose of fruits and vegetables can quickly become tedious when there adds no flavor. Sautéed in olive oil and garlic, past the grill with some fragrant herbs ... all the vegetables become more appetizing on. This will also allow you to vary the pleasures and test different recipes for not bore your palate while providing essential nutrients to your body.

Store food

It's fine to refuel balanced food market, but it is still necessary they land on our plates. To achieve this more easily, make a habit to wash, peel and cut into pieces the fruits and vegetables you just bought. This way, you will have access quickly when you want to prepare a meal.

Follow the 80/20 rule

This trick, proposed by the US site Health, can be applied in two ways. The first option is to eat healthy 80% of time and 20% grant you a gourmet break, whether for a day or a week. The second is to stop eating when you reach 80% of your level of satiety. To achieve this, try to eat slowly and listen to your body. This exercise allows you to better enjoy your meal.