7 causes of poor sleep

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Poor sleep is not because you think. That is actually what you call thinking it through times of emotional feelings. There you have absolutely nothing to overnight; it must turn away rationally. Furthermore, you can be sleepless from bad food. Also, drug and alcohol use leads to poor sleep. Poor sleep may also be associated with some diseases. In addition, even supermarket food is a cause of poor sleep. If you go to a doctor because you sleep badly you get a prescription drug. It would be a lot better if the cause of poor sleep is retrieved so you can leave drugs and yet now sleeping like a baby.


  • 1. Sugar and white flour
  • 2. Emotion and sleep
  • 3. Alcohol and sleep
  • 4. Medications and sleep
  • 5. The neighbors
  • 6. Diseases and sleep problems
  • 7. Apnea
  • Temporary sleep problem

1. Sugar and white flour

Too much sugar, flour and white flour products food can lead to reduced sleep performance. How does it work? Sugar raises the blood sugar levels fluctuate fiercer. It has higher peaks and deeper troughs. This causes a form of anxiety, stress in the body. The excess sugar is stored as glycogen in the liver. During this stress, the brains are also more active. They begin to use glycogen from the liver to feed their function. Such processes normally take place during wakefulness. It can cause the sugar and witmeelliefhebber restless sleep or middle of the night wake up.

2. Emotion and sleep

The best known way to lose sleep is worrying. This is not a form of thought but an emotion. Thinking is intellectual investigation and that costs energy; it can make us tired. Emotional thoughts times always around and hold us and awake. Thoughts like, as it were nourished by our spirit and therefore keep us from sleeping; the emotions screaming for attention. Annoyance, anger, fear, sadness, a bad dream, powerless feelings are all emotions that one has which one can lie awake. If you know that emotions are, you can disable them in a relatively simple way: the head, the ratio. You try to find a good sleeping position and think of absolutely nowhere. Let the emotion but what it is; sleep is more important. Ignore conscious emotion, but not to think about anything else; Try nothing to think. Or think of something beautiful like a rose that springs open from the button. What emotions regard it is important to tackle these before going to sleep. Sometimes you can sleep for anything you write down in a diary, just perform a hobby such as painting, painting as a creative painter therapy or take an evening stroll to bring the mind.

3. Alcohol and sleep

Some people say that they get a lot of energy from alcohol. It happens that people can stay awake longer of this drug. There's a logical mechanism. In the night the body is recovering from daily events and the liver is the cleansing organ in humans. The liver normally has a temperature of 39 degrees. After drinking alcohol increases the liver temperature. As a result, the liver can not perform its job properly anymore. The night the body normally used to recover from a busy day but this recovery process is interrupted in this way. Alcohol perpetuates the unrest. Hence, sleep can be captured as well and you suddenly get the urge to sleep in a long time, often without good rest. People who say they get energy from alcohol actually mean that they feel uneasy; restlessness is confused with energetic feeling.

4. Medications and sleep

Medications are not harmless products. They can have all kinds of side-effects. One of those effects is a sleep disturbance. We often take it for granted as a side because we want to heal once. But that is not wise. Poor sleep can lead to various diseases. If you sleep badly and is in the package insert of a drug that you take this is a side effect, it is advisable to go to the doctor to ask for a new drug which hopefully has no side effects.

5. The neighbors

Sometimes the neighbors noise. The hard turning to music in itself is an additional difficulty to sleep, but it can also lead to annoyances which you sleep less. This is something you must solve personally and this personal approach does not work, you can still solve it in a different way. It does not help to make an angry letter in the mailbox. A friendly letter probably will not help even if this involvement is more likely. It is better to have a chat and make friends with the neighbors. If the neighbors know more about the people who live alongside them there is great chance that they get their new friends do not want to inconvenience them. It can sometimes be difficult to have a friendly conversation with someone who has caused annoyance. Tell me the nuisance cause: 'If I turn to loud music or making noise without being aware, you can speak to me always there, hoor.' Such an approach can do wonders.

6. Diseases and sleep problems

A number of diseases are often associated with sleep problems. Examples of this are:
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Depression,
  • Heart and vascular disease,
  • High blood pressure
  • Decreased thyroid function

An old remedy for sleep problems is hot drink raw milk with sage. Why is raw milk? Because it's an old remedy and one only drank raw milk in earlier times.

7. Apnea

Obesity is unfortunately all too often a cause of poor sleep. Someone who is obese is difficult to reverse and therefore often sleep on the back. This results in snoring. That snoring can be so loud that it makes irregular breathing. Also, loud snoring can cause the sleeper itself is waking up. People who breathe irregularly sometimes be diagnosed with sleep apnea. The solution is often in bed with a sleeping machine. This ensures that the breathing remains regular. The downside to using a sleep machine especially when you travel; then you should bring this device.

Temporary sleep problem

Sometimes you sleep temporarily reduced by a clear cause where you can do just anything to. You must then just sit out a term and do not worry about it. This category includes:
  • Having a jetlag
  • Alternating day and night shifts for work
  • Having a nightmare
  • Sudden onset of stressful situation