A brief overview of San Gimignano

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San Gimignano is a medieval town that is characterized by thirteen towers that define the silhouette of the city. The towers were built in the 12th and 13th centuries by rival noble families. In those days it was customary for the prestige was determined by the length of the tower, adjacent to the property. There were once 70 towers spread across the city.
San Gimignano was very prosperous in the Middle Ages because of its location on the pilgrimage route from Northern Europe to Rome. That economic prosperity, however, ended when the plague broke out in 1348 and later the pilgrimage route was changed. Since then, the city is still little evolved and therefore its medieval structure is largely preserved. The beauty of San Gimignano was also used numerous times as a backdrop in films and songs. The most famous is certainly not Italian film "Tea with Mussolini". The song "The towers of San Gimignano" Frank Sinatra was certainly known to the not so young generation. In 1990 the city was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage. San Gimignano is very busy with tourists, only in the winter months it is a bit quieter.

To visit

Piazza del Duomo: The central square "Piazza del Duomo" and was always the heart of the city. Besides the cathedral contains numerous historic palaces with their associated prestige tower.
Nuovo Palazzo del Podesta This palace is also known as Palazzo del Comune or Palazzo del Popolo. The palace houses the Museo Civico and contains a large collection of artists belonging to the schools of Florence and Siena.
Torre Grossa: This is the highest tower of San Gimignano and is located next to the Palazzo del Podesta. The tower was built from 1300 to 1311, is 54 meters high and is the only tower which is open to the public.
Palazzo Vecchio del Podesta This palace was the original home of the mayor, with the construction of the new palace, the palace lost its function and was transformed into theater.
Loggia del Comune: The loggia is composed of three arches, including the city council sat at major events.
Torre dei Salvucci: These towers are called the "Torri gemelle" or the twin towers. They belonged to the richest family in San Gimignano, called Salvucci and were once higher than 51 meters.
Piazza della Cisterna This square is adjacent to the Piazza del Duomo and was used for festivals, markets and other events. The name comes from the "cistern" located on the square.
Chiesa Collegiata: This church is also called the duomo, it was completed in 1148 and is considered one of the most prestigious examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany.


Ferie delle Messi: The Ferie delle Messi is a 3daags spectacle in which the different neighborhoods of San Gimignano challenge each other medieval games such as archery, catapult shooting, jousting, tug of war, sword fighting ... For this occasion outfitting all participants in historical costumes and are numerous medieval re-enactment scenes. This event usually takes place at the end of June.
Degusta con noi: Organized visits to local wine producers of the famous "Vernaccia di San Gimignano", olive oil and saffron, another specialty of San Gimignano.
San Gimignano Music Festival: In July and August there are numerous concerts, performances, dances, ... organized in open air.
Mercato settimanale: The weekly market takes place on Thursday morning. These are in addition to food, clothing, ... also offered local products such as wine, cheese, ham, ceramics, jewelry, lace, ...
Gran fondo della Vernaccia: Organized race for amateur cyclists who leads the participants through the most beautiful places around San Gimignano. The competition usually takes place in the second week of May and offers participants a choice of three rounds at: 66.8 km - 110 km or 162.5 km.

Food and drink

Saffron and white wine
San Gimignano is most famous for the production of saffron and white wine "la Vernaccia di San Gimignano." This wine has since 1966 obtained the DOC recognition. Therefore, these products are sold everywhere in the city
The best ice cream shop in the world "Gelateria di Piazza"
What definitely should not miss when visiting San Gimignano is a visit to the ice cream parlor "gelateria di Piazza", located at the Piazza della Cisterna. The ice cream parlor maestro Sergio Dondoli is arguably the best ice cream shop in the world and is therefore praised in the most prestigious international travel guides.
You can be in addition to the normal ice cream flavors taste with special flavors like "la crema di Santa Fina", "lo Champ Elmo", "Dolce Amaro", "Vernaccia di sorbetto il".
Famous people that have gone before, include Tony Blair, Andrea Bocelli, Bernard Hiller, Judy Dench, ...
Maestro Sergio has several times won the "Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria".