A collection of cigar bands

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The construction of a collection can be a fun and educational matter. With models collections for a long time were very popular, especially hearing the collections of cigar bands. With a lot of cigar-smoking uncles, grandfathers and buurmannen, there were always opportunities to expand the collection of cigar bands.


In connection with the health risk is smoking today strongly discouraged. It was a few decades ago quite normal if you smoked, as at parties or in bars, the sky was blue color of the cigar and cigarette smoke, which today is very different. Do you smoke outside, not in the house, and certainly not in pubs, restaurants or in public buildings. Used to smoke in the workplace fully accepted, now it is just the opposite. Inside not to smoke.
Box of cigars


With the disappearance of the smoking from public life, even from the family and family circle, it is understandable that the concept band from the collective memory is disappearing. Yet cigar bands were preserved in many families, collected and pasted into albums. What are they, cigar bands.

The band

It is legally obliged to disclose the price of tobacco products. In the Netherlands for this purpose a band in Belgium is called tax band to do the smoke product. This band is, except a mention of the price, proof that the necessary excise duty on this product is paid. Cigars be sold independently, whether or not in a special sleeve, then such tape, there would therefore always to sit. Shape and color of such a band have been laid down.
Cigar band: El Rey de los Habanos

The real band

The legal duty tape is present, but not interesting for collectors. After all, its shape and color required, so no change. But besides this compulsory band, there is often an additional band. This band is the brand of cigar. That cigar manufacturer provides the opportunity for its own design, the distinction can be made with this competitor. This own band sits alongside, sometimes, the band.

Like this?

The own band offered the producers not only have the opportunity to include the manufacturer's name and the type of cigar, but there were also nice pictures put on. Nowadays you can get products at different pictures, maps and figures. This sort of thing can be especially collected by children. They are therefore often the children who acquire their parents encourage a particular product. This mechanism was also discovered by cigar manufacturers.
Cigar band: Vegas Cubanas, original


Cigar got all kinds of images, often in different series. For example, a series of different mills, coats, cars, you name it. Series were the design recognizable and often were the straps provide a number. You therefore know exactly what bands you missed. And of course you could do with that knowledge to their neighbors, your father, your uncles and grandfather, or perhaps had such a tape. And if not, you asked if she once wanted to buy cigars that type, because it raised the possibility that you could get complete collection. You understand that well suited the purpose of the manufacturers. Sometimes were put in boxes of cigars, loose extra straps to stimulate sales.


What were the commercial purpose and what your opinion is about smoking, the bands were just fun to collect. Mutual double straps were exchanged for those special ones that could make you more complete series and collections.

Collections and catalogs

Cigar bands you could stick in notebooks, but that also meant that they were not usually move undamaged. This was taken advantage and there were special collection books in the market. In special incisions in the book you could slide the straps so the image remained visible. In special catalogs was just read back what tapes were published by a specific manufacturer, and from which bands so you still had to search.

The collection now

It is no longer as much smoke as before, and given the health risks is very logical and understandable. That means that the opportunities to collect cigar bands are drastically reduced. Yet there are still collectors!