A happy marriage by dreams - Jewish view

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The Hasidic Judaism argues that the power of seeing is greater than the power of hearing. Scientific research has proven this. Of all the five senses, is seen most strongly, while the rest, but so is 5%. The Torah distinguishes between dream based on prophecy via hear and see through. Let's see how the Torah is opposite dreams and how we can apply them in our marriage.

Dream: a blessing or a curse

The Talmud states that a person for seven days did not have a dream, a wicked person because God has not chosen him to communicate with this person. Does this sound strange to you? Psychological research shows that people who have spent a week not dreamed signs of mental imbalance.

Dreams predict the future

Furthermore, in the Talmud that dreams predict the future. A dream is for 1 / 60th part prophecy. Dreams have multiple meanings and predictions that can all come out. But more importantly, says the Talmud, is that dreams are influenced. If we dream a positive interpretation then there will be a positive outcome. But the reverse is also true. This does not mean that we have the gift of prophecy, because a true prophet is one who meets the requirements of the Torah.

All dreams follow the mouth 'or be influenced by interpretations

How is it that the dreams interpretation can be influenced? Judaism says that words we use have a causal effect on the physical world. Does this sound strange to you too? In psychotherapy imagination and fantasy applied in the training of athletes and mobilizing the immune systems of cancer patients. When you think positive, you create positive energy. This corresponds to the Hasidic saying: think positive and it will go well. Our thoughts are a force that influences the outcome.

Dreams and imagination affect the subconscious

Dreams and imagination affect the subconscious. Once it is stimulated will help the subconscious to solve problems without this person is conscious. Suddenly the subconscious with a solution. The Torah emphasizes that the question of what we choose to see determines whether we will discover the blessings and maintain made available by God or that we unfortunately will discover the opposite.

How do we apply dream to keep our marriage happy?

Happy marriage
Jewish marriage therapists recommend to positively daydream about marriage. Clients are asked to talk about positives of marriage, both past and present. Even better is to create visual images. If you can remember or imagine, you can generate an improvement a positive interaction with your partner. With clients who have a good marriage will strengthen this marriage.
Unhappy marriage
But what about those partners who have an unhappy marriage? Unfortunately, many have quit to imagine how their marriage could be if they were lucky, or they can barely remember successful moments from the past. They avoid doing so, because it increases the pain. Yet Jewish therapists encourage their clients to do just that.
How do you want your marriage look like?
?? How would you like how your wedding looked ??? If you have at least one positive interaction with your partner can imagine or remember, you can generate an improvement, a desire to create good will and a possible plan of action that can contribute to a positive feeling for your partner. When, however, swallowed up by the conflict, even with your imagination no energy for a positive movement. Therefore advise therapists to take time for such positive 'daydreaming'. Immerse yourself in it and look at the results. The pain will not disappear suddenly, but you give 'peace a chance'. Therefore, you can fulfill God's dream of a happy marriage. He will fulfill your dream and bring salvation we are promised to see a world that is filled with the knowledge of God.