A healthy dog ​​in the cold and in winter

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Dogs can really enjoy the snow and the wintry weather, whether it's in the home country, or during the winter. However, the cold also delivers hazards. Hypothermia can be a serious threat and some diseases pose a greater threat in winter than in summer. It is therefore important to adapt the food of the dog, and to keep the animal dry. The ice melting on the toes is also of interest. If your dog likes to play on the ice, it can also be dangerous.


As many people do
Some dogs can withstand the kouvermoeden naturally good hypothermia is a danger to the dog in the winter. Ultimately hypothermia affect every dog ​​in certain circumstances, but some dogs are more susceptible than others. Especially small and slim dogs can quickly get affected. In order to prevent the dog becomes supercooled, it is advisable to adapt the duration of the walks. A big dog, or a variety that good can stand the cold, can easily run out of hours. Small and short-haired dogs may better more often shorter walk.

Keep dry

In order to prevent the dog under cools touches or contracting an illness, it is advisable to keep the dog as dry as possible. Snow on the dog thaws quickly. Because the dog is wet, it will cool down much faster. This may entail many dangers. Furthermore, the snow under certain circumstances again freeze, which can be dangerous for the health of the dog. The dog keep dry is the wisest thing to do, but this is not always possible. If the dog gets wet, you can put it best after the walk with a towel dry rub.

More and more food

The colder it is, the more energy dogs ?? and other animals ?? should stabbing in keeping warm their bodies. Furthermore, many dogs love the snow and playing in it for hours. This also takes a lot of energy. Remember, therefore, to give the dog something to eat more. It can also display the wise dog eat once more. A dog gets one meal per day, for example, also at another time get some chunks.
Sometimes it may be prudent to give the dog an 'extra coat'

Dress Up?

Some people swear by dressing up dogs, but this is often more for fashion reasons than the dog itself. In cold winters may benefit certain dogs with extra insulation. This is especially necessary if they include and this are shorn surgery, but certain breeds this at freezing temperatures is always recommended. Especially make sure these dogs have something on the feet, through the legs lose much heat.

Toes icing

Ice cream is easily formed between the toes of the dog. This can cause great pain for the animal. In order to prevent this from happening, the hairs at the sole of the foot can be cut. Until about ten centimeters above the foot. Pay attention to the hairs between the toes. Another possibility is the mold release of the legs with vaseline. For longer hikes, this should be repeated, because the vaseline erode. There is also a special way to spread on the feet ?? potevoks lift hunde ?? of Diafarm. This further protects also against the sprinkled brine.

On the ice

As for people money, also keep many dogs play on the ice. However, this may give rise to dangers. Even a dog can slip. Thus, he can easily break a leg. If your dog likes to play on the ice, keep him closely. He wanders uncertain and he slips a lot, keep him off the ice. He knows how to keep good balance then nothing may be wrong with a little ice.

Eating snow

Many dogs love chasing balls. Tennis balls are often favorite, but these are often traded in the winter snowballs. Some dogs see playing with snow as a good reason to eat then snow. This is basically non-toxic, but can be harmful. Especially the intestine can be damaged by eating too much snow. In small quantities this is no problem, but when the dog is eating can cause problems much snow. If this happens, then throw snowballs no longer for the dog. Being angry with him when he eats snow again, and take particular care that the dog has plenty to drink at his disposal. Too little water can be a reason for the dog to eat snow.
Dogs can have fun in the snow and cold

Mee skiing

Most dogs like to play in the snow. Mee find skiing with the boss they also fun. If the dog goes with skiing, there are a few things to watch out for, namely:
  • May bring the dog in the hotel / apartment?
  • What is the ruling on dogs in the country? Think aanlijnplicht, cleanup duty, but also to vaccinations and possibly banned dogs ?? ??, in some countries fighting dogs like pit bulls are not allowed.
  • Dog stuff
  • Safety in the car when you go on vacation by car
  • A dog passport
  • Vaccinations, these must be given in time
  • Can the dog loose? It is advisable beforehand to see where the dog near the area where you may be staying loose.