A motorcycle, protect your children well

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A motorcycle, protect your children well

You drop your kids to school motorcycle before work and recover at night to go home. Do they have all the necessary equipment?

The laboratory studies of two-wheeled lab 'just investigate child passenger of a two-wheeler or three-wheeler. The figures are alarming. Children are inadequately protected.

Full equipment required

Only 53% of child passenger of a motorcycle wear a helmet, gloves, pants and a specialized ankle boots.

3% of them are dressed as in their daily lives.

In 37% of cases, if the child does not have security, that's a matter of cost.

Grave Also, 50% of two-wheelers say they do not know the rules of child passenger transport!

How to ensure the safety of a child on a motorcycle?

The bikers Mutual gives 5 tips:

  • Build confidence in children.
  • Do not install it in the back of a motorcycle if it is enough tonic to stand alone and, provided further, that his feet touch the footrests to cushion the jolts and shocks.
  • Protect the child with safety equipment adapted to their age and consists of an approved helmet, gloves, a specialized trousers and ankle boots.
  • Talk to him all along the route to maintain its vigilance.
  • Driving at an appropriate speed and anticipate further.
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