A savings account or savings under the mattress?

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Dutch tend to not only save in a savings account, but also in pots and under the mattress. Some people skip all the way in through and save thousands of euros ?? s home. This is because they do not trust the banks or to keep the money deliberately out of sight of the taxman. There are several ways to save money for a rainy day. The most common is a savings account at a bank. You save at the bank and will get an interest payment as compensation for the provision of the money to the bank. Some people do not trust banks and keep the money at home or in an old sock under the mattress. Another reason may be to keep the money out of sight of the tax. Money in a savings account set delivers savings, but it can also cost money to tax. The tax burden is even higher than the savings that give certain banks.

Advantages of saving through a bank

Save in a savings account is a safe way to store your money without others may have about it. You are receiving a savings on which varies from bank to bank. The money is safer in a savings account or a checking account. Withdrawals from the savings account may be because over only to the default offset account. This makes it harder for people with bad intentions to get money from your account through fraud. In 2008 revealed that banks, especially the Government, assurance that your savings are secure in a bank which is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank. In 2008, namely the bank Icesave collapsed. Savers have regained their savings to ?? 100,000 from the Dutch government.

Disadvantages of saving through a bank

The IRS can come easily behind your balance. You must enter your savings at the annual declaration. They will act vigorously to the concealment of black money ?? ??. Your balance and other property in Box III are charged with capital gains tax. Once your belongings in box III is above the exemption, you must pay tax on the excess. The tax is 1.2 percent of the value above the exemption. If you have a savings account with an interest rate of only 1 percent, you should settle 0.2 percent annually. Actually puts you more, because by inflation is the money for one year worth less than is currently the case.

Benefits of the store house of money

The benefits are limited because there are many disadvantages and really only one advantage. You save money because you may not have to pay capital gains tax on the amount of savings.

Disadvantages of the store house of money

Walk not only savings wrong, but the money is always worth less due to inflation. An even greater disadvantage is the danger that you stick to expose. Once people know of the existence of a large amount in your home, you have a greater likelihood of burglary. The stolen amount you can claim only in part to the insurer. No need to lay claim down of thousands of euros for cash ?? s because there is limited coverage. Another danger is the risk of fire. Will there be a fire in your home, then there is a chance that your saved money is lost.