A stressed skin, what can you do?

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Skin Stress. Does that exist? Yes, and it causes spots, dandruff, rashes and itching. Luckily there to do something about it. Information, advice and expert opinion from Dermalogica skin expert and spokesman Johanneke Hogendoorn. Why do more and more skin types suffer from stress? Check out the impressive list possible causes, and everything becomes clear. We call: busy lifestyles, pollution, sun, weather, poor eating habits and eternal ?? usual suspects ?? as cigarettes and alcohol. Also around ailment or illness skin resistance is lower and stores irritation increases more rapidly. But there are also less obvious causes. Even well-intentioned skincare routines is danger, especially for overly enthusiastic use of stimulating ingredients like retinol or fruit acids. Some skin types are also poorly resistant artificial flavors and colorings. As icing on the cake, the general hygiene hysteria takes its toll. Twice daily intensive cleaning? In particular, sensitive skin types can that does not have per se. Even go here and there to vote for ?? evening or to use a cleaning product, but ?? morning is to rinse with water or chamomile tea. The philosophy behind this is that the protective skin barrier of fats and fatty acids may need many hours to recover. The condition of said barrier varies, moreover, also a further person per ....

Stress or no stress, that is the question

Life is not a licorice factory. Determine if your skin is stressed, even though it is not as easy as it seems. Dermalogica is one of the professional skin care brands that delve into the stressed skin. Dermalogica skin expert and trainer Johanneke Hogendoorn ?? Symptoms such as redness, rashes, dandruff and itching are obvious. But pimples, sallowness and pigment spots can indicate a stressed skin. ?? All that trouble starts far beneath your skin. In a stressed body takes a lot off disaster. During prolonged stress your body can produce too much testosterone for example. This promotes the sebum production, and thus the formation of pimples. A stressed body stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline, and therefore pigment producing cells are active. Possible result: pigment spots. When stress is also another histamine that redness, irritation and flaking caused. Inadequate blood flow and excess waste can make your skin dull and lifeless.

A painful misunderstanding

In short, the variety of stress symptoms is almost endless, but anyway you holt skin condition deteriorated. Unfortunately, there are sometimes painful misunderstandings between people and their skin, resulting in even more trouble. Suppose you want to learn overactive sebaceous glands mores and attempt a pimple attack firmly to scrub away. The result: even more pimples, and as a bonus red stress spots. Another example. A temporarily weakened skin reacts ?? surprise! - With itching and rash in a stimulating day cream. While you're there since mensheugenis soul was happy with it! And so on.

Help is at hand

Luckily, you can turn the calamity. This requires the appropriate measures, starting from the inside. Johanneke Hogendoorn is realistic for us to foist a monnikkenleven, recommends ?? Break the stress pattern by going as regularly as possible live, sleep and eat. Drink enough water. Las sport sessions, bush walking, once read a book on the couch. Relaxing pressure point massage and lymph drainage may help to soothe your skin. Try to limit the consumption of irritants such as coffee and cigarettes or quit. The load on your body, including your skin should be as small as possible. ??

Action and reaction

From the outside, so through your skin, which is a much easier way to achieve. Late, especially in acute stress symptoms, all firmly activating skin are left. Think of scrubs, micro-abrasiesetjes, alcoholic lotions, retinol and acidic anti-wrinkle creams. Aggressive ingredients can by stressed skin because if the enemy ?? ?? be treated and which can result in itself is very scary skin reactions. Priority is now restoring the barrier function of your skin. Johanneke ?? Search in any case alongside your existing skincare restorative, protective cream or gel. Use of at least two months. A disturbed hormone balance and skin requires time for recovery. Celvernieuwingscyclus the skin takes on itself for 28 days. ?? It may be necessary to temporarily or permanently on a complete care line for sensitive and / or stressed skin to pass. What you are doing and which should depend on the specific condition of your skin. Especially if the above measures offer little comfort, is advice of your beauty salon or other professional skin specialist is a necessity.

Stress Remedy from cupboard

Put gauze over your face topped with a stew of lukewarm porridge. Twenty minutes pass up. The natural lipids from the awesome calm down and make your skin supple. Be sure to use pure oatmeal, for example from the health food store.

Ah, what pathetic

Fact: the skin is naturally the stepchild. Literally all your body organs are in fact more likely to turn on consuming nutrients. No wonder therefore that vitamins, minerals and other skin enhancers largely be on your daily menu.

Stress Remedy at the beautician

Beauty salons offer various anti-stress treatments. Dermalogica salons adapt the treatment to the specific behavior of your skin. The Resolution Treatment of Babor salons gives disturbed skin flora new balance. The Cellular Hydrating Treatment La Prairie revitalizes a stressed, tired skin. Also Payots Anti-stress treatment gives new energy.

Products for stressed skin

Acute skin jitters by sun, stress, drought or know-you-many what? Often helps cooling gel as an emergency measure. Desctiption: contains menthol or other itch stillers, usually ice blue or mint green. E. Line, Irriderm Aloe Vera Gel, or No-Ad, Sunburn Relief Gel. Both among others at The Gardens.
Dermalogica has a complete program for soothing stressed skin. From ultra-gentle cleansing for face and eyes, until softening lotion and protective care. Our favorite: the skin-healing gel. Dermalogica Barrier Repair.
Pleasant: a special mask to soften a weakened, dehydrated skin. Relaxing and moisturizing. Chanel, Déstressant Masque Hydratant.
For daily care is an emulsion that soothes, softens at a warm or tingling sensation, skin sensitivity decreases and also protects. Chanel, Solution Déstressante.
Does your skin quickly difficulty in cleaning? Try the Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Milk, from the care line Special Hyper-Sensitive Skins Collistar. The care line restores the skin barrier and is free of fragrances and dyes, alcohol, soap and allergens. Collistar, Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Milk.
In All About Eyes Rich eye cream is it ?? miracle plant ?? Eyebright, which combats irritation, soothes and acts as an antioxidant. The cream helps with circles and puffiness and is hypoallergenic. Clinique All About Eyes Rich.
Especially for a tired, dull, dry skin a cream that works against both irritation and dandruff, patches and tightness. The skin barrier is repaired and strengthened. Biotherm, Nutri Source, for dry respectively. very dry skin.
New offshoot with skin supplements: tablets that strengthen the protective function of the skin from within, partly thanks to Omega-3 fish fatty acids. Vitamin E and C stimulate the recovery process. Biodermal, Skin Anti-aging Supplement.
Thermal Fix Serum soothes all skin types, even the most sensitive, and counteracts irritation. Hydration improves durability. Vichy Thermal Fix Serum.
Fine and affordable: some people swear by the sensitive-skin series of Kruidvat.

Mother nauur offers help

Stressed skin? Look for skin care with ...
  • Wheat germ. This repair skin cell walls.
  • Vitamins B5, C, E and F: working on skin recovery
  • Lipids, to strengthen the skin barrier
  • Ceramides. They strengthen the horny layer of the skin

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