A themed wedding in 2015

Health syvaa August 8, 2016 0 0
One of the biggest trends in the field of marriage in 2015 is to have a theme for your wedding. This theme is carried into the smallest details and gives a personal touch to your ceremony and celebration. The theme is the whole wedding long back, but does not distract. It is subtly incorporated and gives guests a sense of intimacy in the couple. Many couples make the choice of a personal theme. Something which they themselves do much with it, like a certain color or a certain song that means a lot to them. Yet can you see any trend in the themes chosen. In 2015 a theme wedding is awfully hip, but what theme do you have to go? With a personal theme denotes always good. You involve your guests with something you like newlyweds important or nice find and make this your wedding into something intimate. Something you only want to share with your guests. Do not have a personal theme for inspiration, you can always choose one of the themes that are extremely popular in 2015.

Back to basics

When the topic back to basics you immediately think of simple and easy. A real Dutch theme, because the average American is still very sober. An outdoor wedding in a relaxed atmosphere fits here very happy. It serves simple food. Think of pizzas, hot dogs and fries. This food can be obtained from a variety of mobile eateries. If you choose bohemian dress code and the bride adjusts accordingly. She opted for a flowing gown and barefoot or simple sandals. Provide lanterns or torches. A campfire is doing well. Sing together in the dark, while the fire crackles and uncle guests entertained on his guitar.

Full Color

The theme color is still a theme that is common. In the spring, many chose lavender and in the autumn just more blues. The most popular colors at this time are mint green and the combination of gold and pink. It starts with the wedding invitation that you can totally or subtly equipped with the color of your wedding. Then you have to think about the decoration of the wedding venue. Provide menu cards, floral, table runners and crockery in the color. You can also let the color come back into your wedding dress or the tie of the groom. Do not forget to do some flowers in the bridal bouquet in the theme color. Dare you to the fullest, then you can come and ask the guests in the color of your wedding. Thus it becomes a real dress code.

Wonder Full White

For this theme, you do not have to think about your wedding outfit. The dress is naturally white. White has a clean, simple and sleek feeling. This theme is also easy to implement in your wedding. Provide white crockery, white flowers and white flag lines. Also in this theme to process many winters. Consider decorating with snow. Perhaps your wedding cake? This is in fact quite simple and so white. To the right not to be all white on your wedding you can do a little bit of silver glitter / process in the decoration.

Secret Garden

Do you like an intimate wedding with a few guests? Opt for a wedding in a secret garden. Find a beautiful place outside which is surrounded by trees and bushes. Sneaky snoopers are not allowed. Under a beautiful bow with lots of flowers give you the vows and guests watch on wooden folding chairs. Long tables are drawn up, which everyone can take part. Here they are offered a high tea. In the evening you care to stabbing for ambient lighting with lanterns. These can also hang in the trees. A dance do you amidst the trees and flowers. And leave the wedding is done in style in a tiny rowboat on local pond with a sign saying 'just married' on it.

Pure Nature

Ecological is the magic word for everything. Nature is the future. This too can make your wedding in 2015. Thanks so hip to think of nature. If a natural wedding you can think of plenty of natural decoration. Lots of flowers, plants and wood. Wooden tables, wooden chairs and wooden decoration. You can also give your dinner an organic touch. For many fruits and vegetables and choose fair trade products. Would you also be completely pure nature? Then choose a green corsage. Use many different flowers and plants. Or go crazy and have put a garland of flowers in your hair.

Winter wonderland

Getting married in the winter seems in recent years become increasingly popular. This will also have to deal with the rising temperature in the winter months. Snow and ice are rare, but your wedding can be all in this theme. Choose flowers and winter decoration. In these dark days, candles and candlesticks obviously awfully convenient to use as mood lighting. Perform a little bit by Christmas, with Christmas trees to use as decoration or use your Christmas tree as a guestbook. Your guests can hang a wish for you in here. Choose not for traditional ice cream for dessert, but care for chocolate fondue. A warm mug of cocoa does well in a winter wonderland wedding.