A toddler still breast

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Breastfeeding, you see more and more again. Also in formula advertising programs it is mandatory that it is stated that breastfeeding is the best choice for your child. But feed after twelve months is rare in our culture. And the women who nurture longer find little support. There are more women who are breastfeeding. Beforehand, many women think even about when they will stop it again. Still, you can really say this, after you start breastfeeding. There are more and more women who breastfeed enjoy more of than they had initially thought. This makes them go longer with feeding than they had expected.
In our culture nine months feeding for a long time. And a toddler to the chest is then also found abnormal by many people. Yet UNICEF promotes a while to two years or longer breastfeeding and continue for as long as mother and child wish.
The need to suck a baby is a fundamental need and does not disappear after six or nine months. These needs have children for several years.

Breast milk for toddlers

Breast milk is the perfect food even for your toddler and preschool. This is because the nutritional composition and digestibility of breast milk are tailored to the needs of the child. Even if your child is going to eat other foods. If the need for breastfeeding less, milk adjusts itself to the changing needs of your child.
The protein, salt and iron content increases slightly, zinc and lactose content drops something and fat content remains the same. What is breast milk has extra nutrition with antibodies, which also has a toddler gives added protection against various diseases.
It is even so that some antibodies which protect the baby against infection, in the second year are present in larger quantities than in the first year. This is because children who are older than one year are generally are more exposed to all kinds of infections than in the first year.
Also, breast milk contains special ingredients that help increase the maturation of the immune system and the maturation and development of the brains, intestines and other organs.

Benefits of feed longer

  • Breastmilk makes intelligent. There is a test done with premature babies. Some were given breast milk with a probe and others were given formula. The IQ of babies receiving breast milk had an average of ten points higher. It was also noted that the longer they were given breast milk, the higher was the IQ-value.
  • Another advantage is that children who receive breast milk tend to weigh less than children who receive formula. This is because the fat reserves are constructed differently and learn through the natural satiation mechanism they send their appetite. It also appears that the skin and muscles feel different in breast-fed infants.
  • Breast milk is a source of high quality calories, protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Human milk stimulates the build-up and control of the immune system and gives protection against the development of autoimmune diseases, diseases of the coronary vessel and allergies.
  • Breastfeeding also has a positive effect on the formation of the jaws. Feeding a long time gives an advantage for the development of the state of the jaws. They fit better together.
  • Drinking at the breast leads to a better development of the facial and oral motor.

Besides all the advantages, it is also feeding just a fine mother and child moment. Everyone has their own reasons to indicate whether or not to breastfeed and to make it short or long. But it would be nice if at long feed no longer taboo would rest so everyone herein can make his own choices.