A toupim as its cover

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After a chemo treatment or sudden hair loss bald head can result. There are many ways to hide it or not. A bald head is nice to see. For those who prefer to hide a bald head, there are hats, scarves, wigs and sold under another toupims. A toupim is a soft headband with it its own or truly pinned her.

Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

Not yet recovered from the terrible fear that cancer is in the body, you can hear left that will start with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy with cytotoxic drugs known. Cytostatic drugs are drugs that need to break the rapidly dividing cancer cells in the body and killing. Only the proper cells, which also grow quickly, run the risk of being destroyed. These are the cells in the hair follicles that take care of the hair growth. Each hair follicle has its own just under the skin where the hair grows. Nowhere in the body be created as many cells in a hair follicle. The cells are destroyed and the hair will fall out.

Always gives chemotherapy hair loss?

A bald head and eyebrows without hair, is a very nasty side effect of chemotherapy. The drug is the cause of the hair loss. The pubic hair, armpit hair and hair on arms and legs disappear afterwards. Additional side effects that may occur are: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, inflammation of the mouth and intestinal mucosa, have no desire to eat, reduced immune function and impaired fertility. The side effects are dependent on the dose of medication, the combination of medication and the person himself who is undergoing chemotherapy. How one deals with them?
Not every chemotherapy, makes use of a particular combination of drugs. Or the hairs fall out is therefore, contrary to what mix of medication is being administered. There are also chemotherapies that do not entail little or hair loss. Your doctor will tell you the best how far you will lose her.

Losing your hair

After the first chemotherapy, it all seems too bad. Your hair is still in custody. The pillow is clean and not pluck hair from falling out. However, approximately two weeks after the first course starts to do the scalp pain. A week later, when about the second appointment is coming up, the hair falls out picking. It is time to put on the ordered hairpiece. The choice of headgear is spacious. There are:
  • caps for sale. Bonnets that do not have to be knotted, do not need to be wound and are made of soft fabric. Hats of all colors or printing and bonnets with an extra decoration like a bow or with pleats.
  • scarves and bandanas ?? s. A scarf knot behind in the middle of the back will be tied or an sjaalpet. There are also scarves to create a personal cap. Or a bandana which is a large handkerchief.
  • wigs or hairpieces. Wigs of real hair or synthetic fibers.
  • caps or beanies for both winter and summer.
  • toupims. Combined with a hat, cap or headscarf.

A toupim

Visual artist and initiator of the project, Sylvia Holstijn, devised a toupim. She thought for a dear friend who was wearing a wig after chemotherapy in 2003. It made her an obvious old and sick person. The name they gave it her bond with hair was toupim. A derivation of the word toupee and Pim. Now the choice is extensive with its own. For women who have a toupim making their own hair can give a tremendous comfort. Your own hair in a difficult, if not the most difficult period of life. Familiar and the comfort it can give. A nice cap on and nobody sees that it is not in the hair follicles. A toupim can of course also with real hair from donors. What is even more beautiful to donate your hair for your dearest friend. Or together as a school to donate your hair. For more information or to donate hair, you can visit her site.


  • Inquire in advance at your insurance if they reimburse a Toupim of its own. "
  • Hair loss caused by chemotherapy is temporary.