A turner boy: in a blue plaid smock

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Many old Dutch songs dealing with the glorious past of the Netherlands. They sing the heroes who have played a vital and heroic role in the struggle of the Netherlands against the enemy. Admiral Michiel de Ruiter was such a person. In the song 'A turner boy' followed his career in a nutshell.

Michiel de Ruyter Adriaenszoon

Michael, son of Adriaan de Ruyter was born on March 24, 1607 in Flushing. Already at the age of eleven Michiel comes as high boatswain boy at sea. Already at the age of fifteen he was captain, the highest rank petty officer on a ship. He makes quick career at sea, and knows how to bring in the navy of governor Maurits van Oranje to admiral. He has become one of the most famous heroes in Dutch history.

Glorious Time

The Eighty Years' War was a time which caught the imagination. It was at the time unprecedented, that a people opposed searched against the domination, against royal authority and to own ways. It was a time full of trade, hijacker momentum and economic growth. The Golden Age was a highlight in the history of the Northern Netherlands, the Dutch Republic. The Republic of the base would be the subsequent Netherlands. It is not strange that was looking back with satisfaction and a certain melancholy on the heroic and golden years.


Many old Dutch songs, which were written since the nineteenth century, had themed ?? s which looked back at the beautiful and heroic years. It was the beginning of the modern Netherlands. The national theme ?? s in the song contributed to a new national consciousness, to national pride. An example song turner boy, made by AL Pol and R. Hol.

A turner boy

The song A turner boy, also referred to as the first line in a blauwgeruiten keel, the history of Michiel de Ruyter Adriaenszoon told in a nutshell. In the first verse we hear how the little Michiel ad nauseum on the big wheel was spinning. The second verse, which therefore had to be faster and looser sung, we learn that Michael has gone to sea and there are upper most comfortable with. In the third verse has been promoted to admiral Michiel, the highlight of his career. When singing the awe may also be sustained.


Below is the text of a turner boy. In the pictures you can see the notation, taken from the 1925 edition of the songbook Can you sing, then sing along.
A draaiersjongenIn a blauwgeruiten keel
He turned to ?? t big wheel all day
But Michael poses guys heartbreak unbearable sorrow
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Sailor and just as quickly
Did he put foot on board and be heard as
To Oostinjue, to the West, guys going supreme best
Hojo, hojo, hojo, hojo!
On the Dutch Admiral
Now a man of fire and steel, the terror of the sea
?? It's a Rider to the nature, glorious he is on horseback
Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray!