A wasp sting, a painful and nasty sting

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Wasps are pesky critters flying around about you and your food. They especially are attracted to sweets, including ice lollies and ice cream. Wasps may stabbing, though they do not do that often. If they sense danger then stabbing them. But how do you treat a wasp sting?

A wasp sting, what now?

Die every year about six people in the Netherlands to a wasp sting. But a wasp sting course in 98% of cases end well, if you treat it well and if you have no allergic reactions.
A wasp sting is painful. If you get stung feel a burning, stabbing pain. The skin is then round down thick and red. The site of the sting often looks like a small hole in the skin. After the sting it can still be a few days are very sensitive and hurt.
except stabbing may also bite wasps. This is less painful and much less painful than a bee sting. If a wasp bites, you do not get any poison inside and you get no swelling. You only feel the pain, as if the skin between a tweezer clamps.
A wasp puts only if it feels threatened. Only the females stabbing, namely the male wasps do not sting.
Many people go waving arms like a wasp in the neighborhood is, as they try to chase away the wasp. This works often counterproductive, the wasp will then just threatened and / or feel anxious, and will then stabbing much earlier. It is much smarter to stay calm when a wasp, he naturally does fly away again. Are you afraid of wasps? Walk just as quietly.
Upon stabbing the wasp leaves behind a toxic substance, but he leaves no sting behind. Often you after a few hours no longer suffer from the sting, but if you are allergic you are still days suffer from. The skin can swell considerably, also there may be swelling occur at other sites of the body, such as the eyes and the lips. Also shortness of breath are symptoms. People who know they are allergic to a bee sting, often medicines with him to take after the sting.
When my doctor?
  • It is especially necessary to go to the doctor if you are sensitive to a wasp sting, but you have to take medicine.
  • If you become unwell after wasp sting. This symptom usually occurs within 15 minutes, and can also be a statement that you are allergic to wasp stings.
  • If you are stung in the mouth, throat, nose, throat or tongue.

What can you do against a wasp sting

  • Suctioning: Powerful sucking at the site of the sting, and then spit the poison out. Never swallow!
  • Cream lubricate: Complaints such as itching and pain can be relieved through various creams. Consult the pharmacy.
  • Cooling: For example you can cool the wasp sting with menthol ointment.
  • Rings take off: If you put a finger or in your hand, it is wise to vent rings, in connection with possible swelling.
  • Disinfect the wound: It is smart to disinfect the wound with soapy water and possibly alcohol.
  • Keep the swelling always watched. If the skin around the sting becomes thicker, or you have a lot of experience, enable a doctor.

But you can also do much to prevent a wasp sting. Caution with outdoor eating and drinking. Deck eat what is outside off, and do not drink from a glass without it first briefly look. Also be careful with strong-smelling perfumes and soaps. Here wasps come on down.