A wisdom infuse: how does it happen?

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A wisdom let's scary. For dentists and dental surgeons is a routine treatment, but the patient may be frightening. Family and friends may have told you stories about painful treatment, suffer from the spot for a long time afterwards, can not eat, sick or inflamed areas. Everyone knows someone who has had so ?? s treatment, but more often, so good. It may be nice to know how the tooth is pulled, so as to be better prepared. You will talk through the surgery, but not everyone feels comfortable enough in the chair in order to know what it is about.

The dentist or dental surgeon

The upper wisdom teeth can often be drawn by the dentist. This is nice, because it saves a visit to the hospital. In addition, dentists often have shorter wait times and more flexible than a dental surgeon. The lower wisdom teeth, however, often give problems. These are normally removed by the surgeon. The dental surgeon is more specialized and more readily available and other means to remove the right to choose. You will be redirected to pull a wisdom tooth to the surgeon, then there need be nothing to worry about. Often it is just a standard procedure, the election could still come easily.

One or more at the same time

Usually only one wisdom tooth pulled simultaneously. Especially when there is no rush, this is a better option. After pulling it while eating difficult, and the wound should be kept clean. If multiple simultaneously removed, the food can be quite impossible and it is difficult to keep clean. Leaving the other problems will get worse. Are there more wisdom teeth pulled at once then there is usually a good reason. Think rotting choose whether far overgrown choose which grow in the wrong direction. Sometimes there are also select several at once drawn because it is more convenient. Indeed, it is only once to the hospital and the pain and illness are also only once. This often works well, but keep in mind that the risk of infection is greater.

The treatment starts: A photo

Often it is just in front of the molars removed taken an X-ray. This is to see how the election is and whether there is a risk of hitting nerves. For the photo you just sit silent. The dentist or dental surgeon looks at the photo and determines how the pick the best can come out.

Through talk therapy

After the dentist or oral surgeon has the picture and knows what to do, he will discuss it with you. Notice here, even if you already know what will happen. Treatment can vary. From the moment the treatment starts until the time that you can take out the chair for about fifteen minutes, if all goes well. However, it may also be in ten minutes, or last for half an hour. This does not mean you get more complications, only that the treatment lasted longer.

The anesthesia

Before the actual treatment happens you get ?? happy ?? numb. In one case, a possible anesthetic, but is almost always a local anesthetic is sufficient. There are three needles in the corner where the dial is inserted. These be painful, but you will feel the rest of treating pain. The anesthesia lasts for hours, about working out during your treatment, you do not have to worry. After anesthesia, you may rinse equally ?? anesthesia tastes bad ?? and you have to wait a few minutes for the anesthetic is working well. Once treatment begins, the dentist or oral surgeon will ask if it hurts. Be honest, if necessary get additional anesthetic. In this case, you will probably feel no longer the needles.

The real treatment: pull, break, cut ??

The removal of a wisdom tooth This is the part of the treatment that most people are afraid of. You're in the dentist's chair, while pulling in your mouth, broken, cut, and who knows what else. Usually only draw is sufficient and with the anesthetic which is not so bad. Certainly it does not feel comfortable, it feels like an enormous pressure will be placed on your jaw. Do not you feel comfortable? Then close your eyes, then you see a lot less of it.

Ready: blood staunching

Pretty soon the dentist or oral surgeon will say that it is finished. You can sit upright and you get a piece of gauze to bite, to stanch the blood so. Perhaps you have even bothered by the feeling that there is still drawn, but this is just the thought. Keep up the good gauze aanbijten against the place, there can be a lot of blood flow.

Wait a minute?

It is not always wise to immediately after treatment to go home. Some people feel that they faint or fall really faint. Even if you choose under general anesthesia have been removed, you should remain just sit or lie down until you are fit. Once you are ready, it's best to make sure you get someone comes. You might feel not quite right, or not thinking clearly. After removing the wisdom you need in any event not own car to drive home.

At home

At home it is important to adequately clean the place, to take painkillers and to take adequate rest. Start begins with a painkiller before the pain, paracetamol and ibuprofen are suitable. Then cool the jaw in order to prevent swelling. More about the treatment can be read in the article: let a wisdom: the treatment.


Infuse a wisdom tooth is painful and annoying, but not a disaster. Many people are afraid of, but this is not necessary. After a short time the treatment is over, and although the pain may still hold a few days it is less severe than constant inflammation due to bad clean, or the pain by dialing the wrong way grows.