About Ministeck

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Ministeck, the famous colored plastic blocks that you can clamp a corresponding plastic base plate to thereby make all kinds of images. A kind of embroidery but different. In addition to the ready-made packages with plans Ministeck example, there are on the web to find several Ministeck examples. It's not just a toy for children but also for creative adults.

The history of Ministeck briefly.

Ministeck is now over 40 years available. The man behind Ministeck the german Helmut Gottwald. In 1958, development began at the firm of W. Kuhn. Ministeck already been produced since 1965 and sold. In 1997 the company W. & H. Gottwald was the trademark and all rights and patents. The classic Ministeck is currently still made in Germany by W. & H. Gottwald. The rights were acquired in 2007 by the company Ministeck Creative GmbH in Nuremberg.

Types Ministeck

There are actually two types Ministeck:
  • Ministeck Originals: the classic Ministeck
  • Ministeck Pins: the larger plastic round buttons with longer pins, suitable for children from 3 years.
  • Nowadays Ministeck has other products including a variety Lego building blocks, it is less known and less popular. Everything is made of plastic without plasticizers and contain no toxic substances. Natuulijk the smaller pieces are unsuitable for very young children.

Ministeck Originals

The familiar Ministeck building blocks are sold in so-called color strips. The standard pack contains different types of building blocks, such as squares, corners and lines of different lengths. There is also the single strip, which contains the smallest number of 1-point blocks. Originally there are 24 different standard colors, from black code 601 t / m in the middle blue 624. These are supplemented by six different shades of gray in the so-called Portrait Studio series comics. In addition, there are some special Ministeck strips with metallic colors and ?? Glow in the Dark ?? colors, the latter being illuminated in the dark. The base plates are available in different sizes and can be put with connecting pieces together.
In addition to individual components Ministeck there are packages for sale with construction drawings and the parts required to make. Small building kits start at around 500 parts. But the XXL series has packages that go beyond the 10 000 parts! For example, the Ministeck Tutankhamun XXL set is 10 400 pieces with dimensions of 66x53cm.

Creative with Ministeck

Ministeck is still popular. Not only among children but also among adults who indulge their creativity by making the most beautiful works of art. It usually starts with a standard package but soon the addiction sets in and can be the most creative works are made.
For example, there is free Ministeck Software available for a picture to be converted into a self Ministeck design. With Ministeck Creativ-Atelier one color can be set to a Ministeck mosaic pattern in color. Ministeck Portrait Studio takes a picture pattern in shades of gray, especially suitable for Portrait Studio series comics. On the Internet there are several web to find ?? s self-invented design and examples of Ministeck patterns.


Ministeck is just fun and still fun for young and old! The real Ministeck fanatics are called Steckers. They can be found on internet forums and even have their own Ministeck clubs to exchange examples and ideas or to just get together cosily busy with their hobby