Accessories made of loom tapes, the new rage!

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Loomen knot with your silicone rubber bands on a weaving frame. Of these bands make jewelry, bags, hats, animal figures and key chains. Loomen is a fun hobby for all ages, including young children, from the age of six can begin with the simple basic technique

Loomen, a new fad

Loomen is a new fad that comes from the US and Australia. It was invented in 2011 by a Chinese American. The brand Rainbow Loom brought in 2012 a set on the market where you can lazily straps with. This was a great success in America where they were even banned in some schools in 2013 because the attention of the kids will too was distracted. Now they are also available in the Netherlands under various brand names. There are also counterfeit products are available, they may be unsafe for children because they do not meet the Dutch and European safety standards and are of lower quality, they go faster kapot.Deze counterfeit loom kits are not marked and are of inferior quality. The pins of the harness break off easily and the rubber bands contain harmful substances.

What is loomen?

On a special weaving frame clamp your colored silicone rubber bands over pins. Then you have to knot the rubber bands with a special needle, and to each other so that there is about straps in different patterns and characters formed. With this weaving frame allows you to create wide and narrow bands in various designs. If you're handy is not all simple straps but crafting your hats, purses, belts, key chains and animal figures together.

Figures and patterns

Start with the basic technique, the single stitch, the loomen. When you have it under your belt you can actually make things such as:
  • Jewelery ?? rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair bands.
  • Watch strap
  • Belts
  • Keychains
  • Animals and Disney characters
  • Hoedjes
  • Bags

The basic technique

  • Put the harness, the needle and rubber bands ready for use.
  • Find the point of the harness.
  • Grab a rubber band and clip it to the starting point and the second pin on the right.
  • Grab the next rubber band and clip it on top of the elastic band which is clamped on the second pin and the next pin forward.
  • Attach the rubber bands zigzagging on the harness to the end.
  • Tighten the harness to
  • With the crochet hook gives you the bottom rubber band upward while the upper rubber band remains.
  • Attach the rubber band over the next pin, the rubber band is now folded.
  • Continue until the end
  • Tighten the last rubber band on the right pin
  • Hang in the last rubber band a C ?? Clip
  • Pull the bands upward and pull them off the pegs.
  • Also attach a C ?? Clip in the final rubber band on the opposite side.
  • Now that the bracelet is ready.