Activity: year round in one day

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You lead a youth camp or a scout. You need to organize a day activity for a large group of children from six to twelve years. Whether you want to give a smashing kids. Work look around the various holidays and work around each party a specific activity. The time will soon pass away and no one will be bored. The year round in one day: tips and ideas.

Target audience

As leader of a scout or a youth camp you often have a lot of imagination and be creative are best. How do you keep a large group of children a whole day without being bored? The easiest way is to work around a theme.

Choose topic

It is best to choose a theme that is very extensive. With this you can from all sides and you can easily fill an entire day. For some issues it is even possible to fill a whole week. Take the kids excited to announce the theme and let them invent things. So let your work schedule definitely room left for improvisation. The advantage of such a theme day, that if there is ever an activity against falls or is found boring, you can move quickly to the next activity. There will be a few that catch on and find even the most difficult children cute.

Announcing the theme

Announce in this case the theme "The year in one day" to. Let the children guess what it might be and what the sub-themes could be. Tell them specifically what the plans are: in one day and with different activities throughout the year will be overflowing.

The year in one day: activities

Create a large calendar and this indicate the holidays
Draw or print out one sheet per month for a small group or a few leaves per month for a larger group. Leave space at the top for a drawing or photo collage. Put some magazines from different months of the year at the disposal of the children. At the small group you give each child a month, with the large group, divide the different leaves randomly. Children can also be in groups in pairs. Explain to them now that they are for the month they got to make a beautiful drawing or a photo collage. January will be something with ice and snow, february with Valentine, march with carnival, April, Easter or April fish, may with young animals and flowering plants, June, exams and books, July and August vacation, September school, October, fall and Halloween, All Saints' Day November, and December, with the Saint and Christmas. Let them now quietly searching for half an hour and work. Thereafter, the calendar leaves are picked up and hung up. Now the question to put the right party at the right date. Also anniversaries of the occupants to be put on the calendar. This also makes it possible to make and to use knowledge to know how old everyone and when it is barred. The striker is off. During the day there can be checked off a holiday after each activity on the calendar. You can also use props.
January: time for some action
January is usually a month when there is snow. Time for a snowball fight so! But how do you keep a snowball fight in say of July when there is no snow? No problem, we make the snowballs yourself! For this we take the remaining magazines or newspapers. Let the children make big wads of paper and ask them to put them all in a heap. Divide the children into two groups and assign both groups equally crumpled paper. Go! Try to hit as many people from the other group! Something slightly dirtier? Then smaller plugs and put two pots of thinned paint ready in two different colors. Go! Then count how many times everyone has been touched by the opposing team!
February: Valentine
After fierce fighting, it is time to return to some rest and for some love and peace. Although calm ... you will still need some exercise! The aim is to perform a number of tasks to conquer as many hearts. With these hearts you are entitled to a nice pink-red milkshake with possibly a Valentijnscupcake. Either the leadership makes the cupcakes, or they can be together if there is time. Send the group set out to execute the following commands:
  • ask five people to give you a kiss with red lipstick on the lips
  • sign every ten hearts on the floor with red chalk
  • write for five people a Valentine Wish -groet or on a piece of paper. Try to be as original as possible
  • jump up and down until you see red enough to earn a little heart
  • Looking three red objects
  • seeking three people you can hug. Make it a selfie of evidence
  • find five words
  • Take the most beautiful Cupid pose
  • Make the puzzle of the red heart

For each correctly completed order you get a heart. When five jobs of your choice have been executed correctly means you have collected five hearts. Time for a snack! Milkshake do the following: take strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants. Put them in a blender with liquid yogurt and possibly a few ice cubes. Mix and ready! Play this game in a season in which red fruit is too expensive, use grenadinesap, red jam or frozen fruit.
March: carnival
March is carnival month par excellence! Party time! Take crayons and grimeer each other's face. A clown, a lion, a fairy or just a crazy creation. Then there is fun music designed and dancing and crazy done. Make it even better with balloons. Bring balloons on a string attached to the ankles of the children. Now they must try each of balloons pedaling. Or clip a balloon at the height of the chest between two children. Whom the balloon remains the longest sit while you do crazy?
April: Easter
Time for lunch. The luncheon will be at Easter sign: an omelet, scrambled eggs or hard-boiled egg with fresh vegetables and potatoes. For dessert six chocolate pastry filled with vanilla pudding.
April 1 falls naturally also in April. Here you can play April fish. Hang on the back of each child a cardboard or plastic in April fish. Now subtract the others try to fish as much as possible to the others need without their own fish is deducted. Who loses his fish falls off and must stand aside. Who has caught the most fish and who remains the last man? This may very well be two different children.
May: young animals and flowering plants
A variant of the statue game. Children walk around freely on music, except for one child. When the music stops, they have to stick rigidly to stand still and depict an animal. Remember the elephant with its trunk, the giraffe with its long neck, the sloth hanging upside down, the serpent winds, the frog with its typical posture, the bird with its wings open, etc. The child who is not running, must now guess what the other kids. When the child guessed the wrong statue that the child has to guess. The music comes back on and the game continues.
June: exam
In June the exam. Time for a word search. But not on paper. No, that's too boring. Has to be moved there. On a blackboard a list of words. The words are hidden around the grounds or in the clubhouse. The children are divided into two groups. Which group can find the most words? The reward you get in July and August.
July - August: vacation time!
The reward for the word search is of course a nice summer ice cream. For those who do not like, there is a juicy apple. It is now also time to play some summer ball games and with the whole group. How about Chinese football, big Bertha or flagpole? In good weather there is also a water game off.
September: back to school
September. The holidays are done and it's time to dig back in the bookbag. Of course, everything in here. Find the things that are in the satchel on the ground. Who was the first all found?
The list of things to find:
  • pencil case
  • sheet of paper
  • pen
  • pencil
  • gum
  • bread box
  • book
  • bus pass
  • key
  • bike lock

October: Halloween
Late October is Halloween. Time for a dirty game. The leaders have prepared a pot of dirty spaghetti, possibly with fiery red tomato sauce. In the mash sit unmentionables hidden: spiders, candy, plastic flies, etc. Who dares to dig into the mush? Who takes out the most of one minute?
November: All Saints' Day and Armistice
November is a dreary month. The feasts in November are grim: All Saints Day and Armistice Day. We play but then a funny zombie game. Take a few old sheets and cut strips of. Divide the children into two groups. The children stand in two rows. Lay front as many bars available for each group. One child from each group will be ready. After the start, taking the child two strips and wrap one child as a zombie. The intention is that all bars are used up. A leader sees to this. Then the bandages go back down. 1 child goes back to stand in line, second child is the zombie using child 3. If it continues to every child of the row has been complicated. The group's first all children have turned into zombies, wins!
December: Santa Claus and Christmas
December is a real festive season. So much to choose from for fun games. Sinterklaas you can try to pick a Piet Diploma. Also you can sing a game Sinterklaasliedjes organize. Sing a bit and let the kids fill in missing words. Who does not know it, falls off. Who's left? Especially in July and August this is fun because the children are now working not with Saint Nicholas. And then it's Christmas. At Christmas, we play Santa game. To do this you need white sheet. A child hides under the sheet. This child is sleeping Santa Claus. The other children walk around Santa back and getting closer. They may not touch Santa Claus. Suddenly shoot Santa awake, the sheet of shakes and runs behind the children. Who is tapped first time, sleeping Santa Claus. So it goes until everyone is tired.

Quiz of the month

In the several months happens a lot. Do you want to insert a quiet moment, you can organize a quiz with questions about the months. Whoever wins gets a nice reward. For example, a calendar with a nice picture for each month of the associated net export activity.
This is probably too much to finish in one day. So in short the games or choose. For one week program will have additional games to be invented and added. A fun treasure hunt always does!
Lots of fun!