Adaptability cat and dog

Nature Mello22 August 8, 2016 0 1
As difficult as people can sometimes adapt to the situation and surroundings, so easily goes down many a pet. There are some conditions that have to be fast to your pet back home feeling satisfied it ?? ?? let get. The security that the animal needs in the nest ?? ?? be able to return is important. What to do?

The situations

In fact it can go to different situations, situations where people often do not even standing still when it comes to the impact on the animal. Think about:
  • Move
  • Rebuilding
  • Emigration
  • Strange in house

All situations in which the cat or dog just not the safe home environment sees as safe. Especially if your pet in the crate should, already a stressful situation can deliver, an animal can be equally upset.

Removal / emigration

If you move, or even as far as you go across the border, it is important to let the animal get used to the bench / transport cage. Even if the animal occasionally goes all in, it is important to consider it as a whole in the home and the animal and occasionally put in, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Start here definitely take a month before departure.
Drogeer the beast during the trip especially net. Except that the animal can be sick, it can also become disoriented and it takes a relatively long time before the animal itself is again a little. The last hours before leaving any lumps and give more water and allow the animal does not make too busy playing etc.
Upon arrival it is important that the animal can catch your breath and be left alone. Discover new cultures and explore the boundaries of the area. The animal will usually come in your neighborhood regularly, because if you are the sole owner familiar at that time. Slowly acclimatise also the animal.
However, the process is relatively fast, because an animal naturally discover all new things. The cat is looking at what she can sit higher and can climb. Then they will explore the new environment.
A dog is more likely in the width start their investigation. Explore the garden, if the animal can not and must climb stairs to look over and look at where he / she can play with.


Depending on the conversion will take a pet during the renovation or a completely different area or temporarily lived on one of the floors. In the latter case the animal in space is limited and a cat can literally feel cornered. Care how small you live temporarily, that there is something high in the room where the cat on / in can climb.
For another temporary home is the same as when moving. Put your temporary residence on the existing ground, the impact is less significant. After all, the area is known. All the temporary home is different.

Strange humans or animals in house

Depending on the dog will just be happy or retract slightly more if there's a stranger in your house. One dog greets everyone very happy and the other wait a bit. The latter applies in any case for most cats. Also, if a cat is everybody's friend, the cat will still be just as reluctant.
In an animal is dependent on how the quiet or not the animal. When a puppy, a dog, a cat but more so, certainly exercise some restraint. If the dog is coming at the other dog, chances are that the dog his / her guarded territory. Sometimes it looks very wild, but it's more put the pickets, what does the dog. Definitely a puppy should always be subservient to the other dog. Most have dogs, if the other dog is gone, just need time space weather ?? en ?? to make. For most cats, that once the other animal is gone, the coast is clear. Most cats know unerringly when the coast is clear.


For most of the cats and dogs is true that the animal usually within 1 to 3 days are feeling at ease. At least if the boss is there. The familiar, most pets do need. If you end up in a different environment, the dependency may take a little longer. This has especially to do with, for example, the conversion of temperature. Leave the animal alone, over feed it and make sure the animal is in peace can acclimatize.