Addicted to smoking, what can you do?

Health InsomniacOvrLrd December 9, 2016 0 5
There are lots of people who smoke around you, non-smokers are irritated that they were continuing the smoke of a cigarette in their face when you thought it yourself as well as about. Cigarettes and tobacco are becoming more expensive, and there are even charts gutted, that the man does not realize ..


How can it actually that you become addicted to smoking? In cigarettes and tobacco is a substance that makes you extremely addictive, this substance called nicotine. In the beginning, people coughing very much and it's all still dirty and strange, the more you smoke, the more your body is going to get used to. Until the moment you find out that it still is not so smart, especially for your wallet and your health naturally! Below here you see two points where there is addiction
  • Continue smoking while you know it is harmful
  • A strong desire for a cigarette

What smoking does to your body?

Smoking is very unhealthy for you, it's getting shown everywhere. But what does it exactly to your body? As you can see you cough a lot, and walk after the stairs you are very quickly exhausted. Your condition deteriorates and you get less oxygen inside. The teeth become yellow due to smoking, sometimes certain fingers that you smoke even yellow! When smokers are also late discovered inflammation in the gums, in nonsmokers gum bleeds when it is inflamed. And some people have a lot of cold hands and feet, that it is because less blood flows due to nicotine, thereby your blood flows less well through your body. If you smoke wounds heal less quickly, and fertility may have gone backwards from there.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking can be difficult, it just depends on how strong you are as a person in your shoes condition, some have no problems with it and the other has already tried several times but failed. Below you will read a few tips that might help.
  • You can go to the doctor for advice
  • Follow a course
  • Try to temporarily avoid smoking areas
  • Take anything else in your hands instead of a cigarette
  • Go chewing gum in lieu of smoking
  • Drink temporary drink anything other than where caffeine.

If you get other help, you can also get it reimbursed by your insurance, this need not always be so.


Below are some benefits if you quit smoking.
  • After about 30 minutes, takes the blood pressure and pulse off.
  • Your condition gets better
  • It saves a lot of money
  • You get fewer coughs
  • Will recover the lungs
  • Less stuffy
  • You start to arrive
  • You look healthier

You can even track how much money you have already saved by quitting smoking, calculate how much you do smoke one day that x7 and the math how much a pack of cigarettes or tobacco is what it's costing you per week, do it x4 then you have the monthly amount and then another x12, you will be shocked how much it does not save.