Additional movement on holiday

Health designmutt July 27, 2016 0 66
Many people come on vacation a couple of kilos ?? s to. Lounging and eating are two reasons for this. To avoid what is heavier, you can of course be careful with food, but also exercise more. And for that extra exercise you really do not need the gym because you can also reach the smaller stuff!


Is there a swimming pool at your vacation destination or sea nearby? Go at a quiet time laps. With a fifteen laps, you've been burned so ?? s 115 calories. In addition, you also train your leg muscles!


Make ?? ?? early morning or late evening stroll. At these moments, it is often not so hot and there are not many people outside. Would you like a little train your muscles? Then walk a trail with stairs or hills or go hiking in the mountains! With a stroll on the beach you burn even more calories than if you just walk across the road. This is because the sand is heavier and therefore you should lift your legs a little more on.

Additional movement on the beach

It's wonderful to spend a whole afternoon on the beach to lie baking in the sun, but the beach is also the ideal place for fun activities. Take a beach set them to go play tennis or go snorkelling in the sea.

Take the stairs!

Take the stairs is a small effort and still has an effect. Most people take in their hotel or apartment building elevator, while often the stairs are just as fast.

Join activities

Most hotels and campsites organize fun activities. Often activities will be announced at the reception or get a leaflet on arrival. Doing so once in a while along with that one beach volleyball tournament or take a lesson aqua aerobics. Besides being great fun and you extra moves you learn in this way can even know new people.


Is a cozy musical evening organized at your vacation spot? Throw those hips loose and dance along nicely instead of watching! In many holiday destinations often there are animation teams present also organize dance classes.

Small exercises

Take in your room or in your tent a few minutes to do some abdominal and leg muscle exercises. You further need any props to do it and if you stay on vacation is still a bit in shape.

Walk instead of taking the car or bus

Is the city or supermarket near your vacation spot? Go shopping or running errands. If the weather is good, a little walk is always good and if you also happen to get extra exercise.
Make sure you stay well hydrated and that you get plenty of sunscreen when you go out in the sun. In and burned on the water quickly, so remember you do not need a moisturizer.