Additional tactics and game systems for Fifa 2008

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Fifa 2008 is a fine football simulation on PC, XBOX, Nintendo WII / DS and Playstation, but to make the experience more realistic, you can get a number of systems that are missing in the game, reprints. This can be done via the option Team Management / Lineups update. In this series we will discuss the pitfalls in making systems and how you indeed real as Orange can play, if you get the old Ajax system from the cabinet. How you can create a system, itself pointing through the specified routing itself. If necessary, refer to the manual. We are going to focus in this article on the implementation of the system.

Pitfalls in the making of systems

The major pitfall is not the determination of the position, but the labeling ?? ?? from that position. Decide in advance exactly what you expect from a player in that position. Because whether you create a position of a CA or CAM, can mean a world of difference.

The flank

Suppose you want to place a player on the right. Should this round or i.e.g. lot defensively refurbishing, choose a RM or RVV. Know that when you need more attacking impetus and to establish a RVM on, this may deteriorate in rating because the stated position of RM or RVV. If you want to compose an attacking midfielder, is even more the case. And while you can get CAM once again indeed to the position of an RVM play. Conversely, this is often not the case. An RM can usually manage better those of the RVM than vice versa.
Just to summarize: you can usually easily fill a defensive position on the flanks than planned, offensively. An RM and RVV can easily play as RVM than vice versa. My advice is therefore a flank position quickly as RVM to qualify. Should the slightly more defensive, it is easy to arrange without major rating loss of your key players.

Behind the strikers

When an attacking position just behind the strikers, whether centrally or hanging on the wing, the opposite is true. It is often preferred to save not position as CAM, because strikers and midfielders wing often not able to play well there. Hit him as CA, RB or LB, then all wing midfielders and forwards that can manage well and you have much more choice. Consider the position of Dirk Kuyt at Liverpool. Save your that position as RCAM, then you would be able to play badly with Kuyt. Hit him on as RB, then Kuyt can play there without losing rating.

Central to the defense

The libero is more or less extinct. Think carefully before you save a position as such. Check the transfer market, but there are few libero ?? s. Defenders and center backs will almost by definition deteriorate if they have to play in the libero position. However, CVM ?? s and CM may sometimes emerge as true Koeman Neat. This can be useful if you have little good central defenders and a surplus of midfielders. Saves you a transfer.
It is important here to think about it, because the wrong naming of positions you can bring a coach in trouble in the game-type your players go in rating backwards, or you must buy a fortune for other players. A good example is Aaron Lennon of Tottenham Hotspur. Deadly fast and dangerous as RVM. Would you leave him hanging on the right play, you can do well if RVM or RB. RCAM if it goes on for five points in rating backwards.

New Systems

Strengthens civil society
A tactic that many teams in the real use, it's 4-2-3-1 system. Indeed, the game that the Dutch team played the last European Championship, PSV uses, where Louis van Gaal at AZ in preparation for the new season with experimenting and that Liverpool has made an art. In the game itself you get this system regularly against, but curiously Fifa 2008 provides you with the possibility to use it for some situations very useful system.
  • All three of the midfield ?? future ?? people are difficult to defend
  • System is very useful to lock teams and to play on the counter
  • Four offensive players relatively close together, offering excellent opportunities to combine

Weak points:
  • In midfield you let your wings in a defensive way weakened. You should have good and fast backs have if you want to restrain an opponent with offensive wing midfielders.
  • Increased risk with quick counter attacks because your backs offensive quickly attach and thus leave a gap.

Particularly effective against:
  • Systems with three central midfielders

Do not use against:
  • Teams with a strong midfield played much over the wings

I have developed two variants of. The difference lies in the use of the three midfielders behind the striker. A system uses three attacking midfielders, system B consists of one CAM and two wing midfielders.
If you use wing midfielders, have fewer opportunities to combine by the center, but do you play wider and you better defend substitutions and emerging backs. You can also let the ball inside pull wing midfielders. Which of the two variants you want to use can differ per opponent. I also made two different versions, because wing midfielders often in rating / quality deteriorate, when she is put in a place intended for CAM In this way you avoid the annoying side effect.
Variant A
* I tried eea clear display in tables. It's the idea; play itself with the exact positions in the editor.
note: you can of the LV and RV also fullbacks. Know, however, that if this position in the editor as LVV and RVV designates, not all LV and RV-players here can manage well, and vice versa.
Variant B
For several years, playing a lot of teams that formerly used a 4-4-2 system, now with one striker and one attacker around it. Suarez not next Huntelaar, but shortly after? So it can.
  • Because you like a fan is installed, you have defensive point of double coverage and run opponents quickly ?? funnel ?? in.
  • Excellent for counter football

Weak points:
  • An opponent put under pressure is more difficult

Particularly effective against:
  • Offensive-minded teams with two strikers or more

Do not use against:
  • Teams that use a similar system
  • Weak / defensively minded teams

It is with this system is important to determine whether you have a second striker behind, want to have around and sometimes next to your striker, or that you want an attacking midfielder behind the striker you send away. Typeer this position as a CA, then all the attackers can play here without loss rating. But you are a CAM, you can usually just that type of player here from the feet.
Finally a system that I made up myself. To my knowledge there are no teams that play it. The starting point was to take the power of the 4-2-3-1 system, but indeed to have the flanks heavily occupied. I am a central midfielder and the backs to be sacrificed. This system has worked well for me, because you have very strong offensive along for the day to come and it is very suitable for combination football.
  • Double occupancy on the flank in attack
  • The substitutions can act as attacking backs
  • Many people coming

Weak points:
  • You only have one defensive central midfielder

Particularly effective against:
  • Teams that 4-4-2, 4-5-1 or even play with five defenders

Do not use against:
Teams with three strikers or more than two central midfielders
N.B. I opted for a libero, because you can let it slide easier to intercept breaking midfielders.

The three-striker system

The system for Ajax in the mid 90 ?? conquered the world. Handy if you only have one or two good strikers, but does have good wingers. You striker must be physically strong, good header and can be strong in the short passing. You CAM must be strong in the fit and a good finisher. He holds a key position: he could launch wingers and striker and join in the attack at the target man, such as Jari Litmanen did in his heyday.
  • Good to put an opponent under pressure

Weak points:
  • Be careful that your wingers attract sufficient inward, they do not stick to the corner flag
  • If your opponent plays with four or more midfielders, it is hard work for your central people. You can also resume one ever pass through gates.

Particularly effective against:
  • Defensive teams
  • Teams with only backs or wing midfielders on the flank

Do not use against:
  • Teams with a five-man midfield; then you'll really people deficit

4-3-3 Winger
A variation on the above system, with more certainty defensive. The result is that attackers can all come to be on an island.
Another variation, now with the ability to play with three strikers real close together. The Romanian national team often plays this way.
3-4-3 new style
The 3-4-3 system adapted to the requirements of modern times. Without wing tips that cover the corner and with midfielders covering the wing, but playing from a defensive approach. You can also choose to prepare instead of LM and RM a LVV and RVV.
4-3-3 left open
And another. The ultimate way to attack via the flanks and one set multiple focus on. For when you have few good wingers and have several good attackers. On the left you'll need a retread for offensive support. Of course, also be applied in a variant with the right side of open

All or nothing

In this last series we see some systems that you use in all or nothing situation. So when you need to draw to lead the line against an unleashed Barcelona, ​​or when you have to play in the last few minutes va banque.
With five defenders and three central midfielders, you can offer a head rush. The two close together playing strikers may cause confusion and left attacker can visit the corner to hold the ball. If you unexpectedly get a goal against and need to switch to a more offensive set, you do not have to change the system. Use your fullbacks for attacking support on the flanks and posteer a creative man on the RCM position.
The Berlin wall
If it really is no different: one striker who can be supported by wing midfielders, who start from a defensive position. Do not forget to indicate this when you can control the running lines: are you on the defensive, they should ensure double coverage. In addition, they must take it on the counterattack, so you do not tip at all in z ?? s one have to do.
All or nothing
Five minutes on the clock, behind 0-1 in the semifinals. You play va banque, either all or nothing. The wingers keep the field wide and pump the ball into the box, where you have two strikers are ready to head into them. The dropping ball must be for attacking midfielder. You fullbacks should support the wing attackers and help out in midfield to remove the counter. Give them in defensive ways including walking distances to the center!
This was the latest in a series of new, self-installing systems that make playing FIFA in 2008 to make a lot more realistic. And more fun, because Ajax Ajax play, like Orange Orange and systems also have on hand when it sometime ultra-mega-defensive or offensive should make your life as FIFA gamer easier.