ADHD and medication

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?? Did you forget to take your pill ??? How often will this all not to say to someone who seems hyperactive or who is aware that he / she has ADHD. ADHD and medication are often mentioned in the same breath. Ritalin, Medikinet, Concerta and Strattera nowadays are known drugs used for ADHD. Is well known that Ritalin works short and therefore taken several times a day should be and that Concerta a longer-acting drug that needs to be taken only once a day. Medikinet and Strattera are less known. Often it is said that ?? you have ADHD if you become calmer to be taken by Ritalin and you have no AHDH if you do not respond to Ritalin ?? but how these drugs actually work now is often less known. A good reason to bring this to the attention.

ADHD and Neurotransmitters

With ADHD, there is imbalance of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brains which ensure that information which is sent to the brains is perceived by the senses, via the nervous system in order to be interpreted there.
 With ADHD, two neurotransmitters play an important role: dopamine and norepinephrine. The imbalance between these two substances causes attention deficit and hyperactivity. This imbalance also affects information processing and communication. Information obtained through our senses, by our nerves in the form of incentives, small electrical currents are transmitted to the brains to interpret them. Because of the imbalance in the important substances above provide incentives come slow or not at all. Information is not whether interpreted differently. This has implications for communication.
The effects of dopamine and norepinephrine were as follows:
  • Dopamine affects heart rate and blood pressure, memory, attention and problem solving.
  • Norepinephrine affects attention, impulsivity and the so-called fight and flight system, which is important in crisis situations where quick decisions must be made.

The operation of medication in AHDH

There are no medicines, which can cure ADHD. However, there is medication reducing the effects of ADHD can be reduced, so that the life of someone with ADHD more controlled and structured manner. The apparently contradictory in this medication is that it contains a pungent substance, so that the norepinephrine or dopamine, which operates too slowly, is stimulated. Seemingly contradictory as is often thought, you need someone who is hyperactive give an irritant? The answer is actually simple. It is precisely a too low activity of dopamine to norepinephrine care of attention deficit and hyperactivity. Are you going to stimulate the sluggish neurotransmitters, than the aforementioned imbalance is eliminated and creates balance, giving incentives in the right way to enter and be understood by the brains. In this way, working some of the most popular medications used for ADHD: Ritalin, Concerta and Medikinet. The active ingredient in these drugs is methylphenidate. Ritalin, Medikinet Methylphenidate and having a controlled release, ie. that short-acting agents. Concerta, Medikinet CR Equasim and XL have a prolonged release and thus are long-acting agents. Another known means is Strattera. The active ingredient in this product is atomoxetine. This drug works in a different way. It is a so-called non-stimulant. This means that it is not acting on the neurotransmitters, but that it increases the amount of neurotransmitters. Because more of these chemicals to create, there also arises a balance in the stimulus processing.

Medication and psychoeducation

Those skilled in the field of ADD still do not arise just exactly how ADHD. However, they agree
 that medication should always be given in combination with psychoeducation. Through psychoeducation someone with ADHD learn what this disorder, how the stimulus processing functions in him and in which he / she takes in is different from other people without ADHD. Most importantly, it taught how to deal with ADHD in combination with medication should be handled. Using medication and teaching structures anyone with ADHD can lead a normal life. This is important as a foundation for the development of healthy self-confidence. The development of this healthy self-confidence is necessary, because someone with ADD often have negative experiences as a result of his / her behavioral manifestations. The environment of someone with ADHD may still here do not always cope well. Therefore, basically everyone should know what ADHD is and how to deal with someone who has ADHD is so that people with ADHD feeling accepted.


ADHD can not be cured with medication, but by stimulating the neurotransmitters, or "supplement" the life of someone with ADHD can, in combination with psychoeducation structured expired. This allows someone with ADHD also has the ability to build a successful future.