Administrative premium defaulters

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As of September 2009, the Scheme Defaulters Health Care premiums in force. Who has a payment arrears of six months or more, by his insurance company registered with the Health Care Insurance Board, which then increased premium on a monthly salary or benefit include leaves until the total debt is settled.

Settlement defaulters care premium

Earnings and benefits in our country are of a level that everyone in the Netherlands must be deemed unable to pay his health insurance premium. Yet special circumstances are conceivable in which, even when receiving a care allowance, the premium may be compromised.
Formally, an insurer may terminate the insurance if the insured does not pay health insurance premium. Which could therefore become uninsured and the costs of medical treatments to bear itself. The government considers it undesirable situation and for this reason the "Arrangement defaulters" created. The sanctions contained therein offer insurers the means to enforce payment of overdue premiums.

Demand for CVD in six months in arrears

Who are health insurance premiums unpaid, can expect from their health insurer recalls and reminders. Also, they offer you a payment plan and draw attention to the possibilities of debt. Whoever fails to react and his late payment arrears amount to six or more monthly premiums, as defaulter is registered with the CVZ. Your shall receive a written notice. Do you disagree with that action, you must communicate with your health care provider.

Defaulters, their numbers are increasing

The growing number of defaulters in health insurance. According to data from the CBS, there were more than 280 000 defaulters in 2010. A not insignificant number that ensures that premiums for other policyholders rises. Reportedly cost defaulters us in 2011 for 27 euro. As mentioned above, someone as a defaulter in the Care Insurance Board classified if he has a payment arrears of six months.

CVZ Inca honors premium plus additional storage

From the moment you as a defaulter registered with the CVZ state, you must pay the nominal premium no longer care to your health care provider but to the CVZ. Not only the premium health insurance is from that moment as "administrative premium" means, it is also further increased to 130% of the original amount. So whoever first ?? 100.00 paid per month, it then ?? 130.00 monthly coughing.
Incidentally, your debt to the insurer by paying the administrative premium to the CVZ not met. Therefore, you must make a payment to be agreed with the insurer.

Defaulter is assured

Defaulters remain insured for the care of the Health Insurance Act. Who needs medical care, which also receives and receives a reimbursement of expenses in accordance with the provisions of its insurance policy. Any invoices that one can therefore claim in the usual way by its insurer.
Note: only for the basic insurance is a statutory obligation and the administrative premium therefore only related. Your health care provider can thus may cancel your supplementary insurance, assuming that the allied premiums also unpaid.

Collection administrative premium

Once you are registered with the CVZ as a defaulter, is sent a notice to your employer, benefits agency or pension company. Which is legally bound to keep the administrative premium from your salary, export
insurance or pension. Then the employer or the pension institution shall transfer the amount transferred to the CVZ.
Those who have no income, every month can expect a payment request from the Central Judicial Office lncasso on his doormat and must remit the premium itself. It is also expected of you if your income is too low to keep the administrative premium thereon.

Custom scheme minimums

Who receives benefits at subsistence level, can claim a modified scheme. In that case, only the basic care premium loose benefits, ie excluding the fine of 30%. Indeed is the difference between the administrative premium and regular care premiums yet to meet. You will therefore receive a payment slip of the CJIB.
The benefits that the modified scheme, are:
  • General Old
  • Surviving Dependants
  • Temporary Disability Law Limiting lnkomensgevolgen Criteria
  • Invalidity Provision young-disabled
  • Supplementary Benefits
  • Work and Welfare Act
  • Law lnvesteren in Children
  • Work and Income Artists
  • Continued Benefit Scheme Return to Work Partially incapacitated

Tackling non-payment health insurance premium Enschede

A health care system as we know it in the Netherlands, requires people to be in solidarity in all walks of life:
  • rich and poor;
  • the healthy and the sick;
  • young and elderly.

If one does not pay contributions, it undermines the foundations of this system. On August 20, 2012 was therefore launched a pilot in Enschede to proceed against non-payment of health insurance premium. Minister Schippers of Health issued before kickoff. The financing of the initiative will be borne by the Ministry of Health.
In order to reduce the project with the influx of new payers and the number of defaulters which is already in the system, there quicker sewer system. Our country had regarding the health insurance premium in August 2012 for approximately 300 000 defaulters, so policyholders with a payment backlog of half a year or more.