Advertising in online games

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Advertising in video games has been around almost as long as there are computer games themselves. The first forms of advertising in games were conducted as banners. Later adding company logos from the developer ?? s logo and marks of other companies. Was the so-called in-game advertising in the first instance, be limited to sports games, and later expanded the phenomenon itself more into other game genres.

Advertising in video games is the future

Meanwhile melt also movies and video games are increasingly interdependent, a condition in which the advertising industry makes good use: in relation to the marketing of products new avenues are imposed. Even for the advertising industry has not gone unnoticed that young people through the "normal" media to be reached progressively worse. Thus, to increase the scope of advertising to young audiences, will be advertising in computer games in the future certainly be expanded.

Ad-Game, a form of in-game advertising

Ad-Game, which often is referred to simply as ad game is so ?? s kind of in-game advertising. As a platform for ad game is the medium of internet. In ad-game advertising message is often displayed only in the game environment and not the game itself. The advertising product or brand is on ad-game therefore mainly shown in the intro, the extro or game name. The purpose of ?? n as small ad-game is to increase the perception of a marketed product or brand. And the relatively short duration of the game is often played. And the more an ad game is played, the more is the brand name of the user memorized.

Static and dynamic in-game advertising

In static in-game advertising, the advertising message is integrated directly into the storyline of the game. There is therefore a clear product placement in the game. ?? N For example, product placement may be in the form of posters brightening up the virtual environment, or in the form of a brand, product, for example, which is used by the main character of the game.

Disadvantage static in-game advertising

The disadvantage of static in-game advertising can be considered that the advertising spaces in the game can not be filled in a variable manner with advertising. That drawback is related to the fact that in these computer games usually goes to buy games. Once inserted in a certain place in the game, the ad will remain in that place are unchanging.

Advantage dynamic in-game advertising

The dynamic in-game advertising to online computer games on the other hand is flexible. As with ad-game is also in this kind of computer games to the Internet as a medium platform. Unlike an ad game, however, be in a "normal" online computer game, the advertising messages placed directly into the storyline, just like a console game. The advantage of this type of in-game advertising is that the content of advertising space at any time can be exchanged in the game. The advertisement is not as immutable set in a console game, but can be changed as needed.