Affordable Cruises with Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises

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If you're looking for a cruise vacation that is optimal in terms of price / quality then you can best go into the sea with Royal Caribbean or Carnival. Both companies are world leaders in the field of Caribbean cruises and nowhere else will you get more satisfaction for the same affordable budget.

A cruise need not be expensive

A cruise is less expensive than many people think. Himself on a trip to the Caribbean you can for less than 100 euros per person, per night, book a cabin. It is often the extra flight to the base that can double the cost of the trip. The price of a cruise is next to the cabin, even every meal included, any kind of entertainment, sports and entertainment and a limited choice of drinks. On the cruise, you will still have to pay for most of your beverages, gratuities and any excursions. It is so careful with the large number of bars and nightclubs on the cruise, the abundance of tax free shopping and the oversupply of attractive trips. In low season you can already use the following cruise liners for less than 1000 euros per person, 8 day cruise is available, with airline tickets, hotel accommodation and transfers are included. Depending on the cabin is better located in the ship and the period of the year prices could rise significantly or even 3000 euro per person. In these societies, the tickets are also, as there are less expensive cabins are available. So it is more advantageous to book well in time.

Royal Caribbean

For years, this company knows the big competition boss with safe and pleasant travel. At Royal Caribbean, you can enjoy an abundance of facilities and opportunities. And this at a whopping 21 ships to nearly 200 different destinations. Royal Caribbean International was in Miami, Florida, established in 1968. Their first ship was the "Song of Norway", which was successfully deployed in the Caribbean. Since the beginning of the 80s this company is the leading cruise line company in the world and are especially renowned for their very bulky ships.
Modern ships
Over the last fifty years, society has always modernize and invest again, which has been the main reason for their success. But it was also the first company that was so kid friendly, it was very suitable for family cruises. In addition, they have also always offer to ensure sufficient rest and romance for couples and retirees. So you can choose both cheaper and more expensive packages. Each ship counts as six quality levels, each with specific characteristics to be any kind of tourist service.
Ships of the Seas
The newest ships of this company are the "Oasis of the Seas" and "Allure of the Seas". Like all other ships can numerous restaurants and pools found, a whole range of sports facilities and special facilities for children and young people. But also swimming pools and theaters that give a view of life below the sea level.

Carnival Cruises

This company was founded in Miami in 1972. The 23 ships of this cruise line company are known for their Las Vegas-style and approach. Where in Royal Caribbean all in the sign of "more and better", turns it on Carnival Cruises mainly to "have fun" and the atmosphere is much more informal. For a long time I fought both companies to be the biggest. Both companies are therefore well matched in every way. After the attacks of September 11 in New York, Royal Caribbean made a huge donation for assistance. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Carnival presented some of its cruises available to the homeless. Although Carnival has something more ships than Royal Caribbean, but their ships are a little less grand.
The company is, however, the absolute world leader when the sister company Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and several other companies adds up. The company has annual sales of as much as $ 13 billion and 80 000 employees serving 2.5 million passengers annually. The "fun factor" is always given priority for Carnival Cruises. Las Vegas is never far away and the traveler must feel particularly at ease. It is remarkable that there is only one class choose falls on the vessels, which fortunately is first class. Everyone is treated equally and receive the same service. The business model of the company is just as simple as effective.
Always carnival
Over the years, Carnival Cruises has also worked very hard on the supply of leisure and sports activities for adults, youth and children. There are numerous pools, restaurants, and each ship has a Viking Lounge, all on the ship's roof and extensive Las Vegas Casino. There is always something to do, there is always something to win something, there is always somewhere riveting music everywhere you overwhelmed with bright colors and flashy shows.