Against the draft health law day "dead health" this Tuesday, March 31

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Against the draft health law day

Several doctors unions call for strike, Tuesday, March 31, when members begin in the afternoon examining the controversial bill of the Minister of Health.

Photo: demonstration of the health professions March 15, 2015 against the draft health law. © REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes.

Doctors unleash nothing. They are mobilizing again this Tuesday, March 31, with the opening of the National Assembly debates on the draft health law. The text will be discussed for two weeks in the Chamber before the vote scheduled for 14 April law. Then it will be discussed by the senators.

Passage of the law April 14

Doctors call for a day "dead Health" with closed cabinets and strike permanence of care. A rally in front of the Assembly and the region shares are expected to "put pressure" on MPs.

Parallel to this mobilization, the main union of GPs, MG France, asked its members to charge consultation € 25 instead of € 23, to protest against the freezing of rates for the fifth consecutive year. But it exceeded two euros will not be covered by Medicare.

The text examined by MPs has already been the subject of revisions in the Committee on Social Affairs, without calm the discontent of health professions.

Reminder of the main measures

Generalization third-party payment: fresh advance waiver was adopted in committee after the introduction of a government amendment providing for the guarantee of payment for physicians and a gradual introduction of the device.

Fight against smoking: package neutral cigarettes will be mandatory from May 2016. The electronic cigarette will be banned in public places.

Abortion: the seven-day cooling off period required for women seeking abortion was removed in committee. Read also: How is an abortion?

Organ donation: an amendment adopted in committee makes systematic donation of organs post mortem.

Right to be forgotten after cancer: former cancer patients will contract without premium insurance or a bank loan after a certain time.

Territorial organization of care: implementation of "territorial health professional communities" particularly to facilitate the course of patients with chronic diseases.

Action group: Group Action procedure will be extended to the health field.