Alain Clark dreams of participation Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Every year hope many Dutch at the finals for the Dutch participant in the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent years, more and more well known artists participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. After the success of Anouk in 2013 and Ilse de Lange & Waylon in 2014, appear more and dream more national artists for their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the national artists, who has indicated a desire to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, the Dutch pop musician and producer, Alain Clark. Alain Clark has informed the Dutch organizers know that he is open to participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The chances of the dream come true for Alain Clark seems very big. Thus Daniel Dekker, on behalf of the AVRO TROS, admitted that they are in talks with Alain Clark. Participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, was given the biography of Alain Clark, an attractive and logical next step in his career.

Alain Clark dreams of participating Contest

Alain Clark is one of the Dutch artist that makes great opportunity to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Clark said on August 19, 2014 in a radio broadcast on Radio 538 that he dreams of taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 announced Alain Clark that it seems to him great to go into the entire process of the Contest. According to Alain Clark, the Eurovision Song Contest would be a nice chapter in his career.


The Dutch singer and producer, Alain Clark, was on June 4, 1979, born in the northern Dutch city Haarlem. From his ninth year Alain Clark has a great love for music. In his younger years, ogled a good basketball career. After very difficult decisions Alain Clark decided to focus entirely on the music, both as a producer but also as a singer.
Father & Friend
Alain Clark began his singing career with mainly Dutch songs. In 2004 comes his single "Wonderful" from. This song earned time beautiful markings in the Dutch charts. The real breakthrough comes as a singer Alain Clark until 2007, when he sang with his father Dane Clark, English-language song "Father & Friend ??. Dane Clark had earlier name for itself as a former soul singer of the band and Dane the Dukes of Soul. This number was fewer than twenty weeks in the Dutch Top 40, with highlight a number two ranking. The single "Father & Friend" was part of the first debut album Alain Clark. His first debut album brought Alain Clark in 2007 under the name:. Live it out ?? ?? Based in part on the success of Father and Friend ?? ?? Alain Clark in late 2007 received the prestigious music prize, the Mega Award in 2008. Clark also allowed for his album.? ? Live it out ?? take a major prize. Alain Clark win with this album: the original Rembrandt. Original Rembrandt is a price which, by the Dutch Foundation for Music, awarded to albums of Dutch artists. One of the criteria is that the artist must distinguish themselves by self-written texts and compositions.
After the success of his album Live it out is the only time quieter around Alain Clark. In late April 2010 Alain Clark heard from again. In April 2010, he comes with the soulful single, Love Is Everywhere ?? ??. A month later, in May 2010, comes from the singer his album ?? Color Blind ?? out. With this album he also gets high scores and receives Colorblind even know two platinum records.
Gooische Women
In 2010, Clark was approached for the title song for the film Gooische Women, in March 2011 would premiere, write and sing. The then 31-year-old singer wrote this song 'Foxy Lady'.
Third Album
In 2012 Alain Clark comes back with a new album. It is this time to the album titled ?? Generation Love Revival ??. Known singles on this album include ?? Back To My World ?? Lose Ourselves ?? and ??.
In 2013 Alain Clark is helping to Koningslied. The King's Song was written at the request specially for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. The singer composer was previously approached by composer John Ewbank. Besides Alain Clark wrote, among other Guus Meeuwis and Daphne Deckers join the Koningslied. The text of the Koningslied was eventually moderately appreciated by the Dutch people and produced by famous critics, many critical remarks and was probably partly because no hit.
Alain Clark for the first time in the theater
2014 Alain Clark another successful year musically and becoming. As appeared in February 2014 his new album "Walk With Me". Alain Clark recorded the album in London, Warsaw and Amsterdam. The release of this album proved to Alain Clark also the time to go into the theater. With his theater, "Walk With Me", Alain Clark toured from October to the end of December 2014 by more than 30 Dutch theaters. In his theater Alain Clark takes visitors on a musical stroll through his life.

The dream of Alain Clark from?

 Update January 2015
The sixtieth edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on 19, 21 and May 23, 2015 in the Austrian capital Vienna, thereby links up well with the Dutch theater of Alain Clark ending in December 2014. Alain Clark revealed his long participation the Eurovision Song Contest to be busy, but eventually it became known that not Alain Clark, but Trijntje Oosterhuis will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.