Alcoholic beer is healthy?

Health cardfan212 July 26, 2016 0 16
An ordinary beer with alcohol we generally know it's unhealthy, but how about this fact with alcohol-free beer? Is there really no alcohol in alcohol-free beer? And what about for comparison with soda? Finally, it is wise for alcoholics to consume alcoholic beer?

Alcoholic beer is actually alcohol?

It should be right there to put alcohol-free beer is alcohol. This is in fact not the case, the percentage is, of course, much lower than that of normal beer. In the Netherlands, the rule is that the t / m 0.1% alcohol may contain. Non-alcoholic beer is just beer, is made the same way. Only in the alcohol component that is added differs. This allows different taste it, it's in person or you find it just as good as a normal beer.


Alcohol is a poison to the body, so the liver has also been hard at work to get the alcohol from the blood. The toxins override carbohydrate and fat metabolism is impaired. Fat and carbohydrates are stored and not incorporated, it is therefore not wise to eat a lot and then drink some beers.
All of these drawbacks, non-alcoholic beer is not negligible because the percentage of alcohol.

Compared with soft drinks

Non-alcoholic beer may be regarded as a soft drink, how does it for comparison with known soft drinks, such as orange and cola?
As can be seen in the table has non-alcoholic beer of fewer calories than orange soda and cola. The number of grams of sugar is lower. Excess sugar is converted into fat, so it is positive that alcohol-free beer contains less of it. The number of sugars in our daily diet is generally too high.
Alcohol-free beer contains less sugars important nutrients. In non-alcoholic beer is, for example, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. There are also non-alcoholic beer in important vitamins, including vitamin B.

Research into the health effects of non-alcoholic beer

Alcohol-free beer ensures that marathon runners recover faster, here is investigated. 277 men participated in the study. Half received non-alcoholic beer and the rest a drink that resembled in taste, but it was not. A placebo. They knew not what they of the two names. The investigation began three weeks before the marathon and finished two weeks after the marathon. The men who drank non-alcoholic beer lesser burden of disease, they also had less inflammation in the body than non-alcoholic drinkers. The researchers believe that these findings of non-alcoholic beer is because it has polyphenols. Polyphenols are known as phytochemicals that bind free radicals in the body so that their damaging effect is restricted.

Alcohol-free beer for alcoholics?

It seems logical. Put alcoholics in the non-alcoholic beverage and the problem is solved. Unfortunately it is not that simple. Because there is certainly alcohol in alcohol-free beer, this can be for the recovering alcoholic a lot harder. Also the smell of each type of beer can cause them to fall back on for their addictive drink. This is because the smell dopamine levels can go up, which causes them to want more. So it's best to stay off also non-alcoholic beer.