Allergy and yet a cat

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Who is allergic to cats does obviously wise to stay away from cats. That is not always ideal. Someone who loves despite his allergy to cats or has a partner or find who loves cats, is looking for another solution. There are various options. One is to opt for buying a hypoallergenic cat. That does not guarantee that the allergic person will not suffer from allergy, but the risk is much smaller.

What is allergic to cats?

In people who have a cat allergy is the body's immune system reacts to contact with the cat allergen. This is usually the so-called allergen Fel d 1 protein. This protein is generated in the sebaceous glands in the skin of a cat. It is also present in the saliva of a cat. A cat licks itself all day. Thus is the allergen in loose skin flakes and hair of the cat. Also in the urine is the allergen.
An allergic reaction occurs when the mucous membrane of an allergic person to come into contact with the allergen. This shows up as itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, rash, sneezing, nasal congestion, headache, irritation of mucous membranes, coughing and lethargy. An allergic reaction can occur immediately upon exposure to the allergen, but it can also take place after a number of hours or a day. Not everyone who is allergic to the same extent suffer from the allergy.
Anyone can develop a cat allergy. It is therefore possible that one is allergic to cat its own. Younger people tend to have more Allergy burden than older people. Through a self-test at the doctor can test whether one is allergic to cats. Who is allergic can use medication or do desensitization, whereby the immune system is made less sensitive to certain allergens. Here are quite a few snags here are disregarded it on.

What is hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic means little or less allergenic. In the case of cats, one speaks of hypoallergenic when there are present much allergens. This is the case with cats which have little of the Fel d 1 protein. This comes in a number of varieties. It does not mean that the allergen is completely absent. Who is allergic, so should be tested first well how he reacts to a hypoallergenic cat. This can be done through a number of times to visit a cattery with hypoallergenic cats. There is a company that deals with breeding a cat that is hypoallergenic through genetic manipulation but this has so far proved unsuccessful. However, there is a number of cats varieties of which are known to possess less Fel d 1 than the normal cat.

Which cats are hypoallergenic?

Examination by the American laboratory Virginia - Indoor Biotechnologies has shown that the Siberian cat clearly less of the Feld d 1 protein released than other varieties. There is also a number of breeds less of this protein possesses the normal cat but again more than the Siberian cat. The following diagram shows what the relationships are.
The house-garden-and-kitchen-cat scores the highest on the Feld d 1 protein, the female Siberian cat lowest. As long as the figure in the third column is not 0, there is a chance that an allergic reaction to the particular cat. Moreover, it is not true that anyone who is allergic to cats react to this protein. There are a number of other options, but these are less common than this allergy. The difference between a Siberian cat and Siberian cat is negligible. However, it is in practice still found that Siberian cats that silver in their coat have an allergic reaction to add more often than other colors.
Siberian cat
Siberian kitten
Siberian cat
The Siberian cat is, as the name implies, from Russia. Incidentally, he is not only from Siberia. It is an old variety that is on average 14 years old. It is a breed for which there are special associations. Such cats must meet all kinds of requirements, including that of a pure pedigree. The cat is found in all kinds of color variations including black, red, silver, cream, striped and color point. The coat is medium length. Siberian cats are known to be intelligent, sociable and playful.
Bengal Other hypoallergenic cats
Other hypoallergenic cats are the Balinese, Javanese, Sphynx, Rex, Cornish Rex, Oriental Shorthair, Norwegian Forest Cat, Bengal and Abbe sijn. No cat however is as hypoallergenic as the Siberian cat. These cats are purebred cats that one can buy the best from a breeder who is affiliated with a Breed association. One should think this thing through, because there must be a lot of money changing hands for this relaxed animals.