Alternative currency and virtual coins

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More and more you hear about alternative currency ?? s and virtual currencies such as the bitcoin and Noppes. Initiatives designed to buy services themselves and sometimes products and sell. Who is the founder of this ideology? What initiatives are there and what are the advantages of alternative currencies and virtual currencies?

Silvio Gesell

Silvio Gesell, a German-Argentine libertarian, monetary economist and social reformer, suggested that a uniform velocity of money is an important condition for a crisis-free economy. Money should especially have a function as a medium of exchange, not as means of saving. To encourage people to spend money or to lend it free, money must be freed from the bearing, social costs. He invented this paper with coupons with expiration dates.
Woergl in Austria was the first to work with the ideas of Silvio Gesell.

Frei Money in the Austrian town of Wörgl

In 1932 Frei Money was introduced in the Austrian town of Wörgl. It was crisis. The city could no longer borrow money through hyperinflation. By Freigeld local activity picked up again and walked unemployment. Other cities also wanted to introduce alternative currencies, but in 1933 such projects were banned filed through a process by the Austrian central bank. In the municipality of Wörgl is a crossover with the inscription ?? mit Freigeld erbaut ??.

Lignières in France

In the second half of the fifties was also introduced free money and also the middle class flourished and ran unemployment. It went so well that the French government was concerned that other municipalities would take over the initiative and also the free money was banned.

The Swiss WIR

In 1934 came the Swiss WIR. One WIR corresponds to one Swiss Franc. It is an alternative currency for companies that can bargain between them in this way. The WIR still exists and there are about 77 000 entrepreneurs joined.


All over the world are now finding different LETS systems in which participants can buy mutual services and products and sell at a certain amount Latvian. Bracelets are common alternative currency which can play an important role in promoting certain developments in the region. Then it may mean a bit of extra purchasing power for people who have less money in their daily life to spend. By offering services and products for virtual coins they can turn the units earned himself buy products and services within the system.

Noppes in Amsterdam

Noppes is the largest LETS-system have been in the world with 1600 members. The disadvantage of Noppes was that the value of one Noppes was linked to the value of one guilders. As a result, certain services as valued in daily life and was not looked at it, the time taken to complete a particular service. As a landscaper earning many times more per hour than someone out walking the dog for someone. In this way, the rich were also only richer with Noppes. This was one of the reasons that the founding Rob van Hilten stopped after five years with his work at Noppes.


Along with Edgar Kampers Rob van Hilten continued to be trying to improve the concept. This resulted in the founding of the company Qoin which now assists over the world with the creation of common coins and trading networks for professionals, companies and organizations. They are not for cash but feel it is important that there be common coins can encourage those developments that are valuable to a particular region. Thus Qoin with district east of Amsterdam and several housing corporations introduced cinch. One piece of cake stands for one hour's work, but also gives two euro discount on groceries at the local supermarket.

The bitcoin

The Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used worldwide. The bitcoin can used be used within the network of people / companies that bitcoin. You can get bitcoins as payment or purchase on an exchange website. In Leiden accepts nursery ?? Teddy Kids ?? since early 2014 bitcoins. They regularly have children with their parents only recently in the Netherlands. Often these are not Dutch bank account. This makes paying bills difficult. With bitcoin is no problem.

Benefits alternative currency and virtual coins

  • No banks
  • No government
  • Boundaries are determined by the size of the network
  • No interest
  • Can strengthen local cohesion