An alcoholic hangover: to prevent and remedy

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Nothing more annoying than a hangover after a heavy night out. You feel the next day not quite fit and your head weighs a lot. You also can not tolerate much and you gasping for water, a refreshing shower and bed. The alcoholic hangover you've suffered is a result of excessive alcohol consumption. More than likely was the party so much that you have a few glasses of alcohol drunk. The best remedy is, of course, prevent a hangover. If it is still too late, there are some good remedies to quickly old are back. Once firmly sag, can not hurt. Note however that you keep control of your body, because alcoholism for heavy drinkers invariably lurks around the corner.

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is made by the fermentation of grains or fruits. A natural fermentation stops at 15% alcohol. By heating and cooling of weak spirits, originated the so-called spirits. Beer and gins are rooted in grain. Wine and cognac originated from grapes and spirits from all sorts of products. Vodka originated in potatoes. In addition, there are the pure or pure alcohol that is colorless, clear and tasteless. Pure alcohol is toxic. On average, there is in beer 5% alcohol, 10 to 12% in the wine and spirits in 25% to 80%.

What is a hangover?

A hangover is generated mainly by the high humidity loss is stimulated when drinking alcohol. The fact is that you will dry out more and more in a large consumption of alcohol. Also, your stomach will get stimulated, so you get a queasy feeling. Moreover, when drinking alcohol toxins that extra will enhance the hangover feeling.

The normal amount of alcohol per person

  • An adult man drinks more than three standard drinks per day, or more than 15 drinks per week. It is advised not to drink at least two days a week to let the body recuperate. For a special occasion, you can drive no more than five drinking glasses. This is to leave it fresh and lively party.
  • An adult woman drinks more than two standard drinks per day, or more than 10 drinks per week. It's just like a grown man, advised not to drink at least two days a week to recuperate the body. On one occasion drink your best no more than three standard drinks.
  • Youngsters do well for their sixteenth year of life, very little or no alcohol to drink. From 16 years younger should not exceed 2 to 3 drinks per occasion. Drink 2 times a week is ample.
  • In elderly people, the kidneys and liver are more sensitive allowing alcohol consumption should be limited. From the age of 60 different rules than in adults. Men in old age drinking quite up to two drinks per day. For women, this one only. If you take medications as older person, then you obviously be careful to combine it with alcohol. Read the leaflet carefully.
  • Very regular drinkers should be aware that more than six glasses per hour can be very harmful to health. A standard glass of alcohol is about after one hour and a half processed physically. This may be dependent on sex and weight.

How to prevent an alcoholic hangover?

Before you start drinking you would do well to eat enough. A golden rule is not to drink too much, and also not to drink too quickly. Blending is not a good idea and will make the hangover worse. So if you start with beer, you stay with the best choice and drink that evening best wine or cocktails more. Drink between now and then even a pond. But the most important tip is to drink lots of water before you go to sleep. A hangover, after all, is the result of dehydration because alcohol intake stimulates fluid secretion.

How can you fix a hangover or fight?

A hangover can unfortunately not do much. You will just have to wait until it passes. The opportunity exists to make the symptoms of a hangover more bearable. A good tip is to stay a little longer in bed. If you do get up, then your best opt ​​for a hearty breakfast with a lot of water and fruit juices. Sunbathing with headache is absolutely out of the question. Against severe headaches take quite a painkiller. Choose acetaminophen because it is less taxing on your stomach. The last tip is to learn from your own mistakes: if your hangover is over, then you drink at least two days, no alcohol to let your body recover.

Too much alcohol leads to alcoholism

An ordinary alcohol can eventually lead to alcohol addiction. One can then speak of alcoholism. You will then drink so much alcohol that it will affect your health, work and social life. Alcoholism, very gradually. One starts with a drink for socializing. Then it will be more and more drink on these occasions. In time, they can not function normally without the necessary amount of alcohol in the body. Your environment can suffer seriously below. If the alcohol problem is too large, specialized rehabilitation clinics can provide a solution.