An education interior

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The interior, the layout and design of homes and businesses plays an increasingly important role. This one can discern but also to show who he is. Would you like to be a professional decorator or interior designer said in popularity, you can follow a course interior. Here you can read more about the interior design profession and the training.

Information about interior

Interior has the function so as to share in an area and to set up in that, on the basis of the wishes of the occupant creates a space that is optimal in terms of, inter alia, atmosphere, style, use of space, loop lines and use of materials. Thus a suitable living environment are realized in which everything goes as is laid out and furnished. An interior decorator can do this for both private homes and businesses. When you see on television an interior designer at work, this may seem very easy to do, but in practice you have to have the necessary creativity and knowledge to create a perfect interior design. During a training interior also get a lot of theme ?? s discussed.

The contents of an interior design course

There are many training institutes that offer courses in interior design and the content of training may also vary. Here are some important issues is called ?? s which will be at most courses on the agenda.
  • General knowledge about architecture.
  • General knowledge about interior design.
  • Knowledge of interior styles and atmosphere of the interior.
  • Sketching and drawing to scale.
  • Making plans and use of symbols.
  • Perspective drawing and 3D.
  • Architectural gain knowledge.
  • Apply design.
  • Knowledge of colors, materials and lighting techniques.
  • Which interior elements are the atmosphere.
  • Device Technology.
  • Trends and design.
  • Interior Styling.
  • Execution of the interior design.
  • Presenting the interior design.

Differences training and interior design courses interior design

Overall, the interior is wider in terms of training topics that will be addressed over the course interior design. Especially for those who purely out of interest or hobby interiors to design, interior design course has sufficient in-house to go to work afterwards. However, if you know everything and be able to choose in the design of interiors, then you should definitely for training interior.

More on interior design education

There are several institutes that offer training interior, such as LOI, NTI, IPD courses and Study Plan. Basically you have no training required for this course. The course itself can be seen as a course at MBO level. Generally you when you opt for this form of home study or distance education, so if you follow the program via your PC, approximately one year to one and it is busy, when you do this alongside a job. Do you have a lot of free time, then it can often be quicker. Some educational institutions that offer distance learning course, also incidentally also provide a few days of practical training.

Diploma or certificate course interior

If you want to make your interior design profession, it is important to choose a course that concludes with an official diploma. Do you want more hobby can work with, it is a program that you out with a certificate of attendance or a certificate of course sufficient.
  • With some training you get after completing the training, a certificate of attendance or a certificate if your results with a sufficiently assessed, as in the LOI.
  • In IPD you can follow the program in the form of real lessons, where you have three months have one day a week and more than one day per week are spent on homework. You can also half a year follow evening classes a week and spend one day a week on homework. This course ends with an exam and professional qualifications of the EHCB.

What can you do as an interior designer

If you've trained as a decorator, you can from your vision, knowledge and creativity interiors design, with attention to atmosphere, style, space and of course the wishes of the client. Besides the actual design you can also advise on the design of an interior