And family benefits and live in Morocco or Turkey

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Who is going to live in Turkey or Morocco and currently in the Netherlands AOW, ANW or unemployment benefit or child benefits must take into account since 2014 that it be ended or put reduced. The Dutch government wants to discourage the export of these funds. The judge in August 2013 provides for the reduction or cancellation of benefits which are exported to Morocco and Turkey is in violation of international treaties. This has led to exceptions for these countries. The principle of residence will be so for benefits that are taken to Morocco to enter into force from 2016 with an accompanying transitional arrangement.

Child benefit and benefit Morocco or Turkey in 2015 and 2016

In most cases where this issue will play it will be people who emigrate or return to their country of origin other than Turkey or Morocco. This accounts for 60% of the exported benefits, the terms of which for more than 65% survivors' benefits. It concerns non-EU countries for which no special treaty. In 2012 it was decided to cut a large part of the benefits to Dutch citizens resident outside the EU in 2013 or sometimes even stop altogether in 2014. Many people who live here in 2016 in Morocco will get to do the first time.

Law Woonland Principle

This measure is taken in accordance with the Law Woonland Principle. This law also applies to people who are going to live in, for example Tunisia, Egypt or Suriname, which is also prevalent. The governments of Morocco and Turkey are incidentally not agree with the amendment, especially because many of the recipients who have paid premiums for years and they have returned to their country of origin with the assurance that their payment was safe. In January 2013 are Turkey, Morocco and some other countries like Egypt and Tunisia challenged the rule of the Dutch government. This they have partially succeeded. The court in Amsterdam in August 2013 provides for the reduction or cancellation of benefits which are exported to Morocco and Turkey is in violation of international treaties. The ruling eleven Moroccan and Turkish widows retroactively and interest still get paid their survivor benefit. This decision may be affected tens of thousands of other things. However, the Dutch State already announced it will appeal against the decision and this procedure will be more than a year to complete. As a result, an arrangement with Morocco, which the rules will now be subject to a transitional arrangement from 2016.

Repatriation Act

People who return to their country of origin is without prejudice to the Repatriation Act applies. This provides two benefits: the basic provision and the remigration benefit. The basic facility is a one-off payment that covers the cost of emigration. These include general transport, luggage transport and storage of belongings. The remigration benefit is a monthly allowance livelihood for people aged 45 and older who go back to their country of origin. These arrangements also apply to people who came to the Netherlands as a refugee.

Law Option Purchasing Power Allowance Elderly Taxpayers

The MKOB is a law that since the introduction in 2011 ensured that pensioners received compensation for reduction in purchasing power as a result of fiscal policies. It comprises compensation ?? 28.14 gross per month, later revised ?? 25.16 euro per month. To make this claim you must live in the Netherlands or earn income. A key motivation behind this way of completing the scheme was countering the export of these funds. However, the European Commission has determined that the MKOB was in violation of European rules. It must therefore now be paid back to foreign resident Dutch. The law is abolished in 2015. Read more about this in the article cuts to the state pension from 2015.