Anders Breivik, the difference between sample and psychopath?

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On July 22, 2011, the world stood still for Norway. The far-right Anders Breivik that day would commit several attacks on Norway and its people. According to him his actions were not a crime but necessary for it to wake up the Norwegian government and convince the world that he was right. How do you distinguish between a sample or a psychopath? Where is the line between insanity and reason?

Who is Anders Breivik?

 Anders Behring Breivik was born on February 13, 1979 is known as the perpetrator of the attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011. He committed a bomb attack in the capital Oslo and a shooting on the island of Utøya.
Ever since the inception of the investigation into Breivik became clear that this was not a sudden decision but a well-planned act of terrorism. It showed in two distinct points, namely: in 2009 Breivik started at the company Rena. Quite harmless at first sight. Nobody could suspect that the fruits of Breivik company was a front for buying up massive amounts of fertilizer. Which he would later use in making explosives that could be used in Oslo.
A second point which showed that Breivik acted with premeditation was the fact that he had written a manifesto. A manifesto containing a whopping 1518 pages. Breivik had probably been here for several years worked on. The manifesto he distributed to several thousand people before he would commit the attacks.

Terrorism premeditated

That Breivik acted with premeditation became clear. But whether Breivik had planned this is still unclear.
According to statements Breivik has made he was at age 23, in 2002, to begin to plan attacks. He started his first computer company, and this was felt to be a great success. However, the company was later declared bankrupt by the various illegal activities that Breivik used to get money. Some other companies would follow including the company Rena, where he got the fertilizer for his explosives.
In 2009, Breivik tried illegally to touch weapons. Curiously he obtained his weapons illegally, but legally via including a shooting club and a hunting license.
 When Breivik in 2011 eventually committed his attacks, the consequences were catastrophic. In the bombing in Oslo were eight deaths. On the island of Utoya Breivik shot 69 people dead, most of them teenagers. He would later tell psychiatrists that he committed the attacks out of love for his people. He also claimed to be a member of an international Christian resistance movement. Later in court, he called himself an opposition leader. Breivik clearly enjoyed all media - attention, but it was taken away from him fast enough.

Where is the line between insanity and cold-blooded killer?

Recently decided two psychiatrists which Breivik was insane at the time of the attacks and therefore can not be continued. But where is that line between assassin and insanity? And how to handle the relatives and survivors of the attacks this blow? Where is the line between humanity and inhumanity ...