Animated: What is animation?

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Animated as long been hugely popular. With the unique capabilities can be a whole new world promised. Everything is possible and anything can come to life. Where we dream, that happens in animation! What makes animation so much fun and how does it work?


  • Everything is possible!
  • Monkish work
  • The base
  • Illusion
  • Which is used for animation?
  • Manufacturers

Everything is possible!

Today there are to see many animated films many of which are world famous. Examples include Cars, Toy Story, Shrek, Finding Nemo or Ice Age, and so there are to mention countless movies. The films are so enormously successful because everything is possible! This gives an enormous amount of possibilities to work with.
Every piece of toys, clay doll or other inanimate object with character. Even computer data to life. Its own characters can be created as with any object, animal or person they want. An object can transform into something else and all we can say is impossible. So the toys in Toy Story and can talk in the movie Up flies a house entirely by air increased by countless balloons filled with helium.
In fact animation visual arts but in movement. There, sound and music added. This creates a complete movie.
The trick is to create a world with all these capabilities that really calling for viewers. When a film is created in which all the impossible happening at once, this is so unreal that people no longer appeals. The world created must always retain something realistic. Often, this is in the entire human characters matched that have properties. That is the basis to make all our fantasies become reality.

Monkish work

When we look at an animated film, we may not realize how a lot of work behind it. Sometimes it takes years to make a movie! It is truly painstaking work and takes a lot of patience. The techniques that are used are often very complicated.
When we look at all the work that is required to obtain a complete animation, we can certainly admire the creators. They are the ones who make everything okay accurate in every detail to get awesome funny movies on the canvas. The popularity of the films but also the nice way of working, is an incentive for them to get still more and this pagan job again.

The base

The basis for animation chaining individual images. Frame by frame, a film is put together. Each picture has changed somewhat. For example, a clay doll in the next frame just bend slightly more than in the previous image or an object is shifted slightly. In fact, we do so all separate pictures. When we play such images in quick succession suggest movement.


How is it that we see individual images as one fluid motion? When still pictures, also called frames will be played in sequence fast enough, then that gives us the moving image. Our eyes and brains can not easily separate images consciously distinguished. The images flow into our heads as it were, into one smooth motion. In fact, the movement is therefore an illusion.
To get one smooth motion, 24 frames per second needed. There are also animations with 10 or 12 frames per second, but they do not form smooth movement is attained.

Which is used for animation?

We arrive animation much more often than we think. Best known are of course the animation. Where once the cartoons were the most seen is that nowadays most replaced by computer animation.
But this is not all. Also used in a lot of animation films. For example, that one stunt just do however seem equally or more spectacular. Also in films with animals is usually used animation. Especially when the animals can talk. Further, it is used in:
  • Advertisement
  • Video Clips
  • Websites
  • Special effects
  • Children's series such as Bob the Builder
  • Computer games
  • Film Experiments


Previously, Disney was the studio where character animation films were made. They have for decades been the largest producer of successful cartoons. Today there is almost exclusively made use of computer animation. Large studio ?? s at this time:
  • Pixar Animation Studios: The studio was the first fully 3D animated film. The company has made great by Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Since 2006 the company has been acquired by The Walt Disney Company. Pixar remains a separate division of Disney. Known films of this studio are Finding Nemo and Toy Story. The successful films of the business have been good for 22 Academy Awards and four Golden Globes.
  • DreamWorks Animation Studios: Originally this was now part of DreamWorks SKG, but it continued independently in 2004. Films of this studio are distributed by Paramount Pictures. Known films of this studio are Shrek, Madagascar, The Bee Movie and Kung Fu Panda.
  • Blue Sky Studios: This is an Academy Award winning company that specializes in character animation. They carry a lot of movies to the computer animation. The first fully animated feature of this company is Ice Age. In July 2012 this will come the fourth film. The films will be distributed by 20th Century Fox.