Apple: iPhone, iPod and Macbook

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Apple Inc. founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976 and is based in Cupertino, California. The Inc. Stands for Incorporated, similar to the NV as known in the Netherlands. Apple is known for the Macintosh computers, the Apple iPod and Apple iPhone. In addition to these hardware Apple also develops software, including the operating system Mac OS X and the program ?? s purpose. Here you can read all about Apple.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

Apple already took part in the personal computer in the late 70 ?? with the Apple II and designed the new kind of personal computer in the early 80 ?? with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to the best personal computing experience to students, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.
Apple Computer is involved in the protection of the environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers and the global locations where we operate. By integrating environmental integrity, health and safety management in all aspects of the business, it is possible to provide technologically innovative products and services while maintaining and possibly strengthening the resources for future generations. Apple is committed to continuous improvement in environmental, health and safety systems for the management and the ecological quality of the products, processes and services.
Apple focuses as an organization to its targets mainly on the environment. Here are some goals they have achieved and where they are still hard at work. The Apple Macbook series is extremely energy efficient, so use the Macbook pro with only 18 watts while it is on standby. Compared to the older iMac, the energy consumption reduced by 93%. Also the products meet European directives, when we look at the use of certain substances in the wrong apperatuur.

Unique selling point

Apple's success is primarily a leadership of example on the basis of the value of the name. While Apple's competitors focus on just the satisfaction of the customer, Apple focuses precisely on the enjoyment presenting the products and ensure that consumers have a bond with the brand. In a nutshell it can be said that a strategy focused on innovation and focus on building brand equity to ensure that Apple stands out from its competitors.
Because of the constant focus on innovation will ensure the Apple products that the customer is always functionalities that he can not find in other products. The strategy on innovation has resulted in products that are far ahead of time as they are introduced. Like the Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPod and the Apple Macbook, where people without problems in long queues in front of the store to stand when they just come.


Apple is a premium brand that does not compete at the lower price. There are several reasons why not compete on price, it shall at first namely that small wisnten remain which can have a negative impact on the stock market. It ensures that will decrease the reputation of the brand because of the Apple prijselasticieit is extremely high. The question that fact to be asked is whether a price drop of say 50 to 100 euros, the demand would rise as much, or that it would only shorten the sales of the products.
Apple uses the brand to compete worldwide in various markets, including the personal computer market with the Macintosh line and related software. They are also active in the electronics industry with products such as the Apple iPod and the digital distribution of music through iTunes. And more recently on the telefoonamrkt with the Apple iPhone. It combines the various Apple products by the Macintosh as a kind to make digital hub, where you can connect to all devices. The strategy works particularly in the emotion of the consumer, it's about personality, innovation and passion. It operates mainly in the sense of simplicity and eliminating complexity.
The brand is not only aware third of the customers, it is loved, and there is some kind of link between the users of the product lines. The brand equity and franchise that Apple enjoys extremely strong. The preference for Apple products among the existing group of users actually ensures that Apple is so big and maintained. And this group ensures that Apple's high prices can continue to make and market remains competitive.
This makes sure that the expectation from customers every time is extremely high when Apple releases a new product on the market. The innovative, beautifully designed and technically trendsetting products ensure not only that Apple repeatedly meet this expectation, but it is fundamental for the survival of the brand.
It is arguable that without the high price leaves survive the Apple brand, the company in a few segments would not survive.
Brand value
There is much talk about the Apple halo ?? ??, which ensures that the products sold purely on the basis of the name. Although Microsoft beats Apple in most valuable brand. But Apple does make a leap of 24%, putting it just after the internet gigang Google.
Apple is now on the 24th place, compared with 33 in 2007, this is huge progress. The latest Apple iPod, Apple iPhone and Apple Macbook make a very wide audience is addressed. But the arrival of Steve Jobs as CEO by some blamed for the increase in value. Software giant Microsoft has reason to make such leaps Apple now to look over his shoulder. The brand value is stable, the ratings will be low once did.


The marketing mix
The p of promotion is Apple paramount. Many people appreciate the artistic way in which Apple promotes its products. In 2006 the company came up with a controversial way of advertising, where the Mac was put down as the computer that had the same features as the PC, but then faster, safer and more creative.
For the price of p is a different story. As indicated in al, Apple does not compete at the lowest price. People familiar with Apple products know that there is always, especially just after a new version is launched, the price is very high compared to the competition. Yet the solid backing of Apple continues to buy the products simply. There are even queues at the shops again when Apple brings a new product to market. Since the p product provides.
Apple products always one step ahead of the competition. Both in terms of innovation and design. This has to be, otherwise it would not be attractive enough to pay the high price. Take for example the new Apple Macbook Air. This is the thinnest and lightest notebook available at the moment, but the hardware is proportional to the heavy laptops from the competition. Along with a very sleek design and love for the brand, this ensures that Apple's products are appreciated by many people.
The p of place is also important for Apple. At every electronics store like Media Markt or Correctly Apple's various devices galore for sale. A strategy that is used by Apple, when a new product is marketed at a higher price than its predecessor, it will be placed next to the pastor. This ensures that the consumer is attracted initially to the pastor because of its lower price, but chosen by the tighter design and greater functionality is still there for the newer version.
The so-called Apple Premium Resellers, formerly Apple Centers are independent stores that specialize in Apple products. They are found throughout the world, including the Netherlands and Belgium. In late 2006 the Netherlands had been 24 of these stores and in Belgium there are 15. The stores are not officially owned by Apple itself, which is also the reason for the name change. Nowadays, there are also the so-called Apple Stores, which have been officially owned by Apple. This Apple Shops work on the shop in shop concept. These are existing media stores like Media Markt separate units made specifically for Apple products.
Customer service
According to research, Apple is the leader in customer satisfaction. The difference with other organizations is primarily in the ease in which the customer is helped by Apple. For each product and software version Apple has opened a page on the Internet where customers can ask questions. In addition, they offer separate phone service for consumers and businesses or companies. There is also the possibility to reach the customer via email or through an online chat.