Arrive at your relationship

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It happens to many of us, unnoticed we arrive at a new relationship suddenly kilos ?? s to. During the first months of the relationship we have this not so closely. This also goes very gradually. Before we really have in mind we are already a few kilos ?? s further. Especially when we move in together or get married fly kilo ?? s there often. Why did we come during a relationship unnoticed so many kilos ?? s on? And perhaps more importantly, how can we prevent this?

Why do we arrive at a relationship

Have a relationship takes time. When you were single, you went three evenings a week to the gym. Especially at the beginning of your relationship you want to see each other as often as possible. These regular visits to the gym to shoot then quickly went by. If you need to free up time for your beloved then the gym is not usually something that cancels pain in your heart. Before you had a relationship boiled you probably have very often a healthy meal for yourself. When you have a relationship you often go out to dinner or order delicious food for home. Also bring your more regular visits to the cinema. If you then go there, of course, shared a big bowl of popcorn at the movies. Also together to watch a movie on the couch is often accompanied by bowls full of tasty snacks.

How do you avoid weight gain during a relationship

It is therefore not surprising that we can arrive at a relationship unnoticed kilo ?? s. Without us even through we trade our healthy existence for a single lot unhealthier exist in pairs. What can you do to avoid this weight gain?
Come off that couch!
Although it is understandable that you want to spend time with your loved one, it is important that you do not exercise much less than you did before. Additionally, you can also take the two of active pursuits. Instead of performing together on the couch watching television, you are going to make for example a long romantic beach or walk in the woods.
Go cook together!
Together, eating out is obviously very romantic, cozy and tasty, but you usually do not eat the healthiest meals. Therefore go more often cook together. This is not only healthier, but can be just as cozy and romantic. So you can choose together a delicious meal, groceries and prepare the dish. Even at home you can romantic dress the table with some candles and a carafe of wine.
Snack healthy!
Of course it is nice when a movie together a bag of chips, a bowl of popcorn or eat a serving of croquettes. These healthy snacks however, and if you eat them too often, you can be quite a few kilos ?? s coming through. Since it is still nice to get some sweets together while watching a movie, you can make the best choose to prepare together some healthy snacks. There are plenty of healthier, yet just as tasty alternatives for that bag of chips.

Keep an eye

Our lifestyle can change significantly when we have a relationship. Unfortunately, what a negative effect of this change is that we often during a relationship quite a few kilos ?? s coming. This often occurs unnoticed. You've just read causing weight gain is usually caused when a relationship. Luckily you can also read how to prevent it. Now that you know this, you do not have to worry that the kilo ?? s relationship during a fly unnoticed!