Asian hornet: what to do in case of a bite?

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Asian hornet: what to do in case of a bite?

Asian hornet sting is painful, certainly, but not more dangerous than that of a wasp or a bee. Except in some cases important to know.

With the beautiful days, the reassuring hum of little Asian hornet is back. This insect arrived in France in 2004 by accident, is distinct from its European counterpart. It is smaller, his chest, his head and abdomen are black, its orange face and the end of its yellow legs. It does not fly at night and the nest is often found in height, in trees.

In the presence of one or two hornets, the best thing is to ignore them. If left alone they are not aggressive. But if you disturb them, like all such insects, they may attack in groups violently. The good news is that Asian hornet sting is more painful, but no more dangerous than others.

Its sting is no longer, but it can pass through thick fabrics like boots and is capable of spraying venom remote. The sting causes local reaction, but the Asian hornet venom is not particularly toxic, says the official website of the Regional Department of Limousin. The National Union of French Apiculture, however, that five human cases of accidents, including a fatal one, because having the Asian hornet have been identified since 2007.

Some risks to know

Unlike bees, he does not lose its sting when it bites. The hornet can therefore effectively repeat his gesture, as its venom sac has had time to fill up. Multiple bites, stings and mucosal hypersensitivity Hymenoptera stings are the only risk factors. If this is the case, call the fire department by dialing 18 for immediate support.

Otherwise, to relieve you and avoid any risk of infection, wash and désifectez where you were bitten. If the bite occurred on the hand, remove rings and bracelets. Then put an ice cube covered with a handkerchief over to help deflate and relieve pain. You can apply a drop of essential oil lavender aspic on the bite and massage a few seconds, up to three times a day. If pain persists, do not hesitate to take paracetamol or ibuprofen, and watch the sting for 48 hours. If symptoms do not subside, see a doctor.