Ask negotiation is always more than you hope to get

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When negotiating, you should always ask for more than you hope to get. The bidder will indeed never be equal agreement and come up with a less favorable counteroffer. Hence houses have an asking price and also negotiated in other transactions often between buyer and seller. But your teenage daughter knows the principle of questions, because if she asks them overnight to two hours may come home and you make one hour, she laughs in her sleeve. So ask 20% discount if you hope to get 10%.


If you want to get done a little of another, you simply there you directly and frankly to questions. But often it is easier to ask for more than you want. The system is called bargaining or haggling. So high stakes and after negotiations arrive at the desired range. Because if you would like to euro 50 stores, that works sometimes only if you ask 100 euros. Ask yourself these same 50 euros, you could turn it off sometimes just 25 euros. But the principle on questions not only works financially.

Haggling or bargaining

In agriculture and livestock was often the price determined through the bargaining system. Even in the urbanized northern Holland was at the cattle market in Purmerend fairly recently to bargaining done by seller and buyer. The seller then comes up with a high asking price, and the buyer calls a counter offer too low. The seller will then take off some of its price, but not as much as the buyer requires. The name bargaining is because each proposal is beaten again in the hands of the opposition. As a buyer or seller, after a lot of back-and-forth applause, finally giving a hand instead of saving, the final price has been established and the sale closed. So it comes down to is that the seller is asking more than he silently hoped to get. Should the seller be flush with its utmost offer, he would himself in the foot.
The system of haggling, so ask about combined with undercut, comes in all strata of society. Only the physical hand clap remains omitted. But political negotiations are in fact no different than bargaining and that goes for Cao negotiations. As well as private individuals, and as a consumer, you are there often better if you ask more than you hope to receive. But you also realize that if another something you want to get done, he / she can not always expect you to go there 100% agree. So can haggle.

Not only financial issues

The system of more questions than you hope to get work not only on a financial level, but in all areas where we want to get done something else.
  • We want something that is done within seven days and we begin to insist that it must be completed within three days.
  • Since we have two weeks holiday wish, but our partner to have enough for one week, we ask him to make a trip of three weeks.
  • Only once a week sex is what scanty.
  • etc. etc.

Not too fast to admit

Zak never too soon with the price and give you not won too quickly. Pull always difficult to face and do hesitant. The opponent must namely feel that he really has gotten out of the bottom, and it can never managed another would be to achieve such a great advantage. Give your fast and easy to then give him / her that after the feeling that there had been more.

Not unrealistic about questions

If you make it too fur with an unrealistic asking price, you run the risk that the counterparty does not feel respectfully treated, and angrily pulls out. Then you have yourself bitten in the tail. With good known relationships such as parents / children, colleagues, friends automatically a realistic asking price be handled and also bargained less intense. On balance, you arrive at the same final offer.

Equal agree

Neither be stuffy sometime outspoken and right to say yes, if you feel that someone else does a fair request without overcharging. Because many people will ask about the trick of course not apply, because they are not accustomed to, or because it is against their principles.

Not haggle

It could also be that you must clearly agreed with each other that you call the good price at once, and it then like it or not.