ATB Internet Savings Account offers 5% savings rate

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The ATB internet savings account from the AT Bank you get 1.1% interest rate or up to 2% with a savings deposit. This is a savings bank which is definitely worth it. Always a current overview and your money is immediately absorbed. Not for nothing is the Amsterdam Trade Bank, a fast growing Dutch bank. The 5% savings of yesteryear is as far away as it seems.

Which savings choose for your savings?

It is hard to escape in a hurry: the banks do not fight just for money. The savings rate is lower than it has been, even in the smaller banks. The money would not be safe with such banks, but that is incorrect.

Guarantee AT bench

The guarantee of the Dutch Bank ensures that your money is safe in banks with a Dutch banking license. That means that each person an amount of 100,000 euros by the Dutch Central Bank fully guaranteed. Who has an en-or bill, also has a double guarantee. An account in your child's name also provides additional guarantees. This does not really just for Rabobank, but for all banks having a corresponding license. The cost carriers like AT bench in Amsterdam that offers the ATB include internet savings account. The Amsterdam Trade Bank, AT Bank NV, founded in 1994 and focuses in the Netherlands, both in the corporate as well as the private market. The AT bench is entirely the Dutch guarantee scheme, even if the parent bank is Russian.

Open the AT Internet savings account

The AT savings account, open deals. You will receive a confirmation email with all your data. Which you can print out and send signed together with a copy of a valid ID and a copy of a copy of your account against the bank. Simpler can not hurry.

Characteristics of a savings account ATB

The AT Internet savings account has the following characteristics:
  • You get a high interest rate with annual crediting.
  • There are no restrictions and therefore no minimum deposit.
  • Your balance is callable daily.
  • Take advantage of free Internet banking.

High interest rate on savings

AT The Bank currently spends 1.1% interest rate on its internet savings account. For both existing and new customers. Some providers offer sometimes higher interest rates for new customers and keep existing customers in the lurch unless they complain. When AT Bank, everyone gets the same interest. Let your money be longer, giving a deposit with ATB to 2% interest:
  • 3 months gives 1.10% interest;
  • 6 months gives 1.20% interest;
  • 9 months gives 1.20% interest;
  • 1 year shows 1.4% interest;
  • Two years gives 1.7% interest;
  • 3 year yields 1.8% interest;
  • 4 year yields 1.9% interest;
  • 5 year gives 2% interest.

Compare mutual savings

The battle for savings by 5% interest on savings would seem to be just beyond. But there are still savings accounts in the Netherlands, which make up about saving a punitive expedition. So always look around and possibly move on to another account with interest action.


They are no longer the toprentes of the start of the credit crisis. You can get your money a little longer secure, you also get a higher savings rates on deposit. Do you want an overview of the highest savings rates at present, be sure to find top five banks with the highest savings rates in the Netherlands.